Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh what a tangled web we weave,,,

... when our Orders sworn we plan to leave.

A few hours ago a Beloved Sinner left a comment pointing us all to a fascinating post by a gentleman who, while not actually swimming the Tiber, has certainly donned his water wings and waded out further from the shore than could ever be considered healthy.

So fascinating was this post, in fact, that a few hours later our sacerdotal swimmer appears to have had second thoughts, and deleted the piece. Which is a great pity, since it contained an enthralling tale of how the trustees of a well-known Anglican organization donated £1 million to the Ordinariate (that's right My Sinners - One Million Pounds! Which is a whole lot of incense and man-lace in anybody's currency) before then themselves heading off for a spot of synchronized swimming.

Fortunately Brother Richthofen's friend from seminary is wise in the ways of something called "Google Cache", and by clicking here the original piece can still be accessed.

Under legal advice I'm not going to reproduce it here (and yes, I have saved a copy lest the cached version also vanish), but I can't urge My Sinners strongly enough to click here and marvel at the way little Bobby Duncan's tactics can work on both sides of the Atlantic. Or Tiber.

And thank you once again to Child of Light who drew my attention to this gem.

I'm Father Christian and you can give me £1 million anytime.


Lapinbizarre said...

Watch it with the "man lace" references, Father, or you'll have Little Brad going at it again.

The link posted in the previous thread seems to be up again.

Cardinal Priscilla said...

Oh my, scandal in the Ordinariate? Heaven forfend! Yes, it looks very shady and suspicious. Yes, it throws an ugly light on those who so publicly made the move. Yes, it smells to high heaven.

But really, to be most annoyed about embarrassing the RCC and scandalized about "Anglican altars"? That takes the seedy cake.

WV: latera: Latin for "we'll explain the whole innocent thing latera folks!

Peter Brady said...

Oops! Seems like the page has disappeared again!

Lapinbizarre said...

David Virtue, who does, it must be admitted, have a nose for news, has posted the text of Ms Gledhill's "Times" piece in full.

Also of interest, further down the same page, is the news that John Hunwicke, former Anglican priest at St Thomas the Martyr, Oxford, and former Senior Research Fellow at Pusey House, has shut down his blog in wake of news that his ordination as a priest in Britain's ordinariate has been "deferred".

Hunwicke, said there had been a "misunderstanding" about the content of his blog."

Which reminds, me. How is Mr Ed doing? Any news?

Anonymous said...

Mr Ed is presently in an Aquarium in Plymouth. Having swum the Tiber, he is now a large, fat fish in a big pond. Former Anglican clergy need huge sums of money to embrace Roman poverty, buy crates of gin, and to enable their wives to work in the National Gallery. said...

Dear Fr Christian

If you're interested, there's a certain amount of agonising about this on the Continuum blogspot.

I think a few people are beginning to realise that the grass really isn't greener on the other side and that, just perhaps, the rotten old Anglican Church may have something going for it.


Ms A Solemnis said...

Judging by the header of his latest blog, which marries the first line of a hymn [which does not, for the record, take an exclamation mark (!)] to the response of the Litany of the Saints, Fr Ed's knowledge of the Latin liturgy may be a wee bit shaky, Fr Oder.

Anonymous said...

Well, good to know the Ordinary Priests will be well supported in their important work, and have announced the fact to put rank-and-file Anglicans at ease.

At least they have not been driven to start mission churches.

Father Christian, I assume you earned a consulting fee for AMiE's response to ABC's letter? (it's posted at

Passionate clergy, eager parishes, strong senior leadership from GAFCON walking with them step by step theologically and missiologically? Sounds like the results of a Father Christian webinar.

What a confusing time to be a priest in the CoE.

An Admirer of Bible Based Activism

Stan Firm said...

Off topic, but when did that ever stop us. Connoisseurs of the Evangelical image will enjoy this photograph of a 2008 ordination at Oxford. All ordinands wear cassock and surplice. Broad to high church ordinands evidently also wear the stole, while the evo contingent evidently favours a black tippet and the regulation, strapped-on, broad toothy grin. Fun.

Anonymous said...

No one has a toothier evangelical grin than Bishop John Pilchard in your photo, Mr Firm. He was once Principal of Cranmer Hall, Durham which, by a miraculous turn of events, has produced another grinning evo - Justin Welby - to replace smiling Tom Wright. It's smiles all round in happy-clappy land.

Stan Firm said...

They all say "JEEEEEESUS" as the shutter clicks, Fr Oder?

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Durham suffered enough as it is?

Anonymous said...

And what ever happened to Poppie Tupper?

Did Mr. Ed squash her?

Anonymous said...

Religion is boring.
Really, really boring.
And you and the Fundigelicals and the Romanesques and the Orthodites deserve each other.

Sarah Straw said...

Thank you Brad. Go buy a mirror.

Anonymous said...

Didn't your ancestors swear to be loyal to the Popes at one time and then change their minds when Henry VIII and other Tudors told them to?
So these other idiots are continuing a long religious tradition, aren't they?

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

Oh Anonymous 3:24 - ignorance like yours is exactly what happens when Romans are allowed to teach children. (Or at least one of the things which happen.)

Every Biblical Christian knows what really occurred is that the Popoids left in schism after refusing to accept King Henry VIII's plain Scriptural teaching concerning marriage and the importance of keeping one's head attached to one's neck. After subsequent legal challenges regarding parish property failed on account of certain parties failing to comprehend the above (particularly vis-à-vis the importance of maintaining cervical continuity) St. James in 1611 produced definitive Biblical evidence that Anglicans are the only True Christians, and that all Romans (except maybe for Cardinal Newman and a few other who were really Anglicans) are going to hell.

Honestly, don't you Liberals know anything about history?

PS. My ancestors never swore anything. They had a profitable business providing chopping blocks and thumbscrews to Henry. Transferring the contract to Queen Mary and Archbishop Pole, they continued to prosper, before really making a fortune by moving into publishing when Elizabeth ascended to the throne, and selling bootlegged copies of Foxe's Book of Martyrs.

Incidentally, this branch of the family company once again did very well under Cromwell, when they sold dirty books to Puritans - but more about my fascinating forebears another time.