Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Arise, Saint Newman!

These past few days have seen me inundated with requests for the definitive Conservative response with regard to the forthcoming Primates Meeting. Sure little Layman Anderson has been sharing his $0.02 with anyone really desperate for something to click on, but let's face it, opinionated schismatic bishops aren't exactly an endangered species. Maybe if ACNA could find an outspoken layperson to deliver the predictable rant - or even just a common-or-garden clergyman not currently preoccupied with claiming that pleading guilty doesn't really mean you did it - someone might be interested. Although, as we all know, Bobby Duncan's vision for the Prelacy of All Believers has been so successful that ACNA doesn't really have anyone left capable of stringing together a (reasonably) coherent sentence who isn't already wearing lovely purple vestments which could almost be mistaken for the real thing.

Consequently it once again falls on my righteous shoulders to say something about a forthcoming opportunity for the Communion’s leadership to fly somewhere interesting and politely bicker. Yet the truth is I’m currently far too busy, because by the miraculous Grace of God St. Onuphrius’ has become Ground Zero for the final step in the Blessed John Henry Newman's canonization.

That’s right, after prayerfully meditating upon an icon of the late Cardinal, Bishop Quinine has experienced a miracle so marvellous that the deliverance of some Boston Deacon from a life of spinal agony is simply nothing in comparison. Yet do you think any of the illegitimate rent-boys of Babylon in the Vatican have bothered to respond to any of our emails advising of this astonishing work of wonder? Not at all – I dare say the American Society of Hematology treats Jehovah’s Witnesses with more respect than we’ve received from these apostolic apostates. And it's not as if we've ever disturbed anyone's afternoon nap to leave pamphlets and insist Isaiah refused to let his kids have blood transfusions.

However it’ll take more a few 16th century schismatics in Rome to stop Me and My Ministry team testifying to a miracle. What’s more, given enough time and persistence on our part, I’ve no doubt the Vatican will repent of their lack of faith. Even though you can be certain that if the Pope had to pay what Viagra costs in our neck of the woods he’d be just as excited as Bishop Quinine was to discover the old Tractarian now has a dispensation to intervene in cases of Brewer’s Droop...

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Lapinbizarre said...

As miracles go, Newman's Bodily Assumption into Heaven is far more impressive: streets ahead of your run-of-the-mill halt, blind and lame stuff. Readers will recall that what was planned two years ago as Newman's exhumation, revealed wood and cloth from his coffin, but no bones, teeth or hair. Teeth being as durable as they are, and cloth as prone to decay, this is pretty odd. Wiki states "Forensic expert Professor John Hunter, from the University of Birmingham, tested soil samples from near the grave and said that total disappearance of a body was most unlikely over that timescale. He said that extreme conditions which could remove bone would also have removed the coffin handles which were found."

Given these facts, it's a toss-up between bodily assumption and the Oratorians having honoured Newman's wish that he be buried in the adjacent grave of his friend Ambrose St John, and placing an empty coffin in his "grave". My moneys's on Ambrose. Things being as they are, right now, doubt that the Vatican will risk checking on this.

Lapinbizarre said...

Hope I haven't killed this thread for you Fr Troll. Nothing like talking serious for 2+ sentences to kill a thread stone-dead.

wv "mists". nice

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

Don't worry yourself, my Beloved Sinner. Given this post refers to both sexuality and vestments it's only a matter of time before little Brad drops by and gets us all chattering again ;-)

Anonymous said...

How disgusting is the piece by Anderson... He begins with "Dearly beloved in Christ" and concludes with "If asked my opinion, I would strongly advise the orthodox Primates to 1) organize before the Primates' meeting, and 2) attend and remove by force of numbers the Presiding Bishop of the American Episcopal Church (not physically, but by either voting her off the "island," or recessing to another room and not letting her in)" What a pratt! Can't see too much in Christ stuff happening in Anderson's world!

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that Newman was gay?
A priest-gay?!?!
I thought they were all dead butch.

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

C'mon little Brad, you can do better than that. You could at least have included something about vestments.

Anonymous said...

No, I'm still reeling with shock and disbelief.
Next thing you'll be telling me is that my neighbor the window-dresser just hasn't found the right girl.