Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lessons Matt Kennedy Learned When Attempting Theft - #2

2. Avoid meeting with the bishop or any diocesan representative(s) alone.
Escalate matters quickly by refusing to meet with anyone or discuss anything one-to-one. This will also help you to cease thinking of the other party as a real person, whom like you has also devoted their life to serving in a Church they love.


Anonymous said...

I have heard that the American Church is full of homosexualists. Were I a Bishop, I wouldn't dare meet with Mr Kennnedy on my own.

+clumber said...

Oh this is like striking the mother lode, isn't it? You can mine this one for the next 10 years! I particularly like the golden nugget:

"Never let them (the religion reporter or whoever your local paper assigns to follow the story) hear you whine, complain or attack the diocese."

Oh no, don't let them hear you whine, complain or attack the diocese, for heaven's sake! Save that for a website where everyone is basically whining, complaining and attacking the church which gave you the authority to be a pastor! That way it will be lost among the noise.

We could even suggest additions to the list. Check your state law and find out if you have a ghost of a chance of winning your legal battles.

Anonymous said...

Another one for the list:

Thou shalt not steal.

Point of Order said...

Dear Father Christian,

We will all profit from your interpretation and comment upon these rules. I'm sure you could even improve upon them.

As Fr. Jass observed, I wouldn't dare meet with Mr. Kennedy alone either.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Oh the injustice of it all...reminds me of thousands of years of being violated, abused, murdered and damned by the likes of idiots who wish to ¨protect¨ themselves and become victims brought on by their own vile character and pride in abusing others...ah, heck, I guess actually dealing with ones own devious behavior is harder than continuing to BLAME others (while simultaneously locking out any possibility of possible good-faith)...any ¨guarded¨ negotiating just may, JUST MAYBE has to do with the already EXPOSED ill character of a pastor who passes evil judgments on some of his fellow churchmembers and demonized ¨sheep!¨ Some sheep are smarter than others and won´t go back to being led off a cliff (for their own moral good, natch)! Self-deceiving is a very sick thing to see...deflecting blame to harm others in the future is even more

Grandmère Mimi said...

I can't wait for your commentary on spies on the vestry, Fr Christian.

susan s. said...

Spies? On the vestry? Yes, do tell!

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

Ah yes - points 9 & 10 regarding spies are my favorites. They also serve as potent reminder that too much caffeine really can leave one feeling paranoid.