Monday, April 6, 2009

Future Shock...

Ever since Elvis showed the world that a little cholesterol and fat could never hurt anybody, I’ve always said that other than myself today’s popular musicians are the best role models a young person can have.

Take for example Bono and the boys in U2: has there ever been finer examples of unpretentiousness and humility? Or Coldplay – I doubt any of us have elsewhere encountered such freshness and originality, while the firmness of their stand against plagiarism demostrates a playfully creative spirit we should all aspire to emulate. Meanwhile what loving mother and father doesn’t hope their little girl will grow up to be just like Amy Winehouse?

Which is why I’m so appalled at the Malawi High Court’s decision to prevent Madonna from adopting a four-year old girl. Isn’t anyone other than myself prepared to consider the impact this ruling could have on the world’s next generation? What kind of hell shall they inherit if we allow our planet to continue becoming somewhere superstars can’t use their wealth and influence to obtain any third-world child that takes their fancy?

And, more importantly, if the practice of rich westerners buying Africans comes to an end what hope has the Common Cause Partnership of surviving?

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Fred Schwartz said...

Father Christian,

With all these court rulings what chance do you suppose ++Venables has of continuing to adopt diocese from the United States?

Anonymous said...

I am neither African nor black but would like to be adopted by Madonna. Could you send me her address, Dr Troll?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

High or Low...courts in Nigeria and Uganda apparently aren´t ¨following the money¨ as closely as The Episcopal Cafe.

Fred, one wonders if PB Vulnerables ever has his coat lining ripped open in Argentine Autoridad Nacional de Aduanas?

Perhaps he´s got concealed zippers or snap-on ziplock bags that go South and (carry his lunch going North).

MadPriest said...

I think the problem in the Madonna case and, most definitely, in the CCP case is one that you have highlighted in the past - a growing lack of humility from those we have authority over. It's like a child telling a grown-up what to do. There was a time (I'm thinking particularly about those glorious years during which England was in charge of everything) when the primitive recognised and respected the enlightened. Unfortunately, all that seems to be a thing of the past. I foresee a future of anarchy, chaos and rap music. May God help us all.

Fred Schwartz said...

"I foresee a future of anarchy, chaos and rap music. May God help us all."


While anarchy and chaos are always a good thing I too am deeply worried about a future with rap music.

susan s. said...

I'm not sure Madonna is all that enlightened. BTW is she still married to that British person?

Now, about PB Venalballs... I just had to type my favorite version of his name.