Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Have I got a dragon for you, Colorado!

It’s heartening to see little “Honest Don” Armstrong hasn’t let the court’s heartless decision to prevent him stealing his former parish buildings get him down.

Reports from Colorado Springs show last Sunday's inaugural services in his new premises were a splendid occasion. Granted, the surroundings weren’t as salubrious as Armstrong± has been used to, and the building does show signs of its former role (Reform school? Abattoir? Bondage-porno set?), but this didn’t deter a crowd of almost 200 faithful Gafconeers from showing up to mark the auspicious occasion. Which, I must admit, is less than a third the number of people who participated in celebrations at the apostate liberal Grace and St. Stephens - but as I always say: numbers only matter when yours are bigger. The rest of the time one should just follow little Kendall Harmon’s example and say nothing, or mouth some platitude about it being quality, not quantity that matters.

The new parish has been named “St. George’s” in honour of George C. Parker, a man whose life and example not only have served as a personal inspiration for Honest Don’s own ministry, but who established the standard of personal ethics for which the CANA leadership is today famous. Now I wonder whereabouts the first “St. Ponzi’s” is going to be - Niagara perhaps?

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Fred Schwartz said...

Good Father,
I a msooo disappointed! All this time I thought the new name of the church St. George came from the two most famous Georges around -- namely George Patton and George C. Scott. This man Armstrong acted injured when he lost the case but seems to have learned how to slap the snot out those who would cross him.

Canon Itchy said...

How true, how true your Solemnitude. Little Don should be up for a mitre fairly soon don't you think? St. George's Cathedral, or the Cathedral Church of St. George both have nice rings to them.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the prison yard would accommodate those remaining Gafconners for the enthronement...afterall, I don´t think they´ll grant a ¨pass¨ so early after the conviction and sentencing...CANA Bishop (Suffering) or not, a CANA Bishop who is unable, unwilling and incapable of being honest with himself and others really ought not be let out to rush about and mix with honest people...guilty as charged.

Edgar Slothington, III

Joan said...

Just for waroed fun, I tried to get on Donnie's new website location. NO CAN DO... MUST BE INVITED/APPROVED!!

Donnie can be bishop of the slammer when he finally gets there!

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

Aah yes, my child... Normally I advise clergy facing his future to practice holding onto the soap as tightly as they can, although in this instance I believe the whole experience might be something of an eye-opener to him, and might - just maybe - teach Honest Don to be a bit less condemnatory of those he's never previously been forced to relate to.