Thursday, April 23, 2009

++Orombi's Real Crisis

Bible-believing Christians in the west have long been accustomed with the media’s wicked bias against our noble self-piety, and these days few of us other than little David Virtue bothers getting worked up when some uppity journalist dares publish the truth, instead of just obediently repeating whatever their spiritual superiors tell them.

Sadly, however, an article in the Ugandan Daily Monitor shows this terrible first-world malaise is spreading to places once previously famous for the peaceful fruit that springs forth when Christian Purity and Orthodoxy is combined with an utterly ruthless militia.

Instead of blindly praising Archbishop Orombi as one of the Communion’s great minds, (as western conservatives know all African Christians recognize him to be), the writer dares to suggest the Primate and his lackeys are in fact guilty of cronyism and incompetence, and not beyond throwing a bit of malicious mud around if that’s what it takes to get one of their own appointed to a choice position.

Even worse, rather than recognizing that by ordering his Prelates to boycot Lambeth ++Orombi helped bring about an end to homosexuality, the article posits that the real reason might have been “a lack of intellectual nimbleness” among the Kenyan Bishops. Or instead perhaps “proof positive that African Anglican churches such as Uganda’s are institutionally predestined to produce bishops cast out of the same confessional iron, all of who think alike” and inherently undemocratic.

I know we’re currently all upset about documents proving a group of conservative and grumpy old men have acted like conservative and grumpy old men, and been busy playing politics (a process which always includes sending sending plenty of emails), but perhaps the real Anglican firestorm might actually be starting to burn in darkest Africa – and I fear the cause of the problem is that terrible curse we call “education”. That's why we must never forget that our best defense against the destruction of what we have misrepresented as "Christianity" is not politic constructs (not even ones that involve lots of first-class air travel and luxurious "conferences"), but continuous vigilance to ensure everything possible is done to continue "dumbing-down" the congregations with whom we have been entrusted - something I fear little Primate Orombi might be neglecting.

You see, my dear sinners, as African Christians grow in maturity (and despite all our best efforts to patronize them, it will happen), some of them may well start asking the same the sort of questions as our own pesky Apostate Liberals. We can only rely on the uneducated masses to embrace literal and homophobic exegesis for so long, and if more people start challenging the right of their local church to embrace nepotism and corruption, and to make key decisions behind closed doors, without consultation, one can only expect the African church to be available for use as a one-dimensional role-model for a little while longer. And then what will we do?

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Anonymous said...

Giving education to Africans only leads to trouble. ++Desmond Tutu, and ex jail-bird Nelson Mandela, are the kind of wishy-washy liberals who are intent on spreading peace and reconciliation so abhorrent to GAFCON. We can be thankful these two old-timers may not be around much longer with their subversive message which is so contrary to bible-believers everywhere.

Robert said...

Education is a tool of the devil!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Over recent months I´ve started reading personal blogs from LGBT Africans, their friends and families...all seem rather direct, honest, good natured, dead serious about ¨threats¨ yet unshakeable, wise and brave...meanwhile, me, over in Latinoland is having a FIT about how LGBT Christians and others are being tormented by Orombi, Akinola and the ¨witch hunting¨ accomplices at Church and Government...something tells me that, like yesterdays anti-LGBT protest in Kampala (100 or so participants), most Africans aren´t buying this hate campaign crapola much and prefer to look the other way (a ¨double standard¨ that promotes a model of good citizenship in Latin America as well)...afterall, there is so much heterosexual sexual antics, corruption in Church, government, general murderous behavior and rape (or all types) running wild nearby (often in full view)´s hard to figure out exactly why anyone would want to PRY into the lives of decent, law abiding, LGBT citizens who love one another...but, of course the lies preached about LGBT Christians at Church are breathtakingly vile (and they actually bring in/pay Scott Lively to validate feardriven stupidity)!

I agree, Dr. Troll. There may be change of a unexpected and tolerant kind coming soon from Africa...I can feel the tendency for backing away from the anti-LGBT pogrom mentality...afterall, that pogrom might open a can of worms that may touch upon unexpected/protected vices of the heterosexual kind (not to mention embarass the wrong people who may react boldy).

It´s not nice to try and fool Mother Nature (not to mention, God).

Laura Toepfer said...

At least the decadent and liberal West understands that Africa's worship is an unrelenting festival of joy. Orthodoxy and powerful worship is bound to overcome all obstacles.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Your friend Archbishop of Kenya suggested you be added to the awards list: