Sunday, December 14, 2008

Things are Worse than We Thought.

I’ve just finished reading Rev. Dr. Simons' State of the Diocese Report, which was delivered to the people of Pittsburgh this past weekend, and quite frankly I’m beyond being furious – I’m positively worried.

Everyone knows that the future of Anglicanism depends upon bigoted statements of breathtaking stupidity, naïve platitudes with no relationship to reality, and pompous self-righteous rhetoric. Just look at any GAFCON press release. Yet instead of any of these we see a balanced and empathetic analysis which is clearly the product of much thought and, dare I say it, a genuine understanding and respect for the Scriptures.

With people like Fr. Simons in the Church, Pittsburgh is in deeper trouble than any of us could have imagined – not only is he a scientist as well as a clergyman, but I suspect he even earned his doctorate by research and hard work. If compassion and reason of this magnitude are allowed to guide the Communion’s way forward we really do face a terrible future.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

Father Christian,
There is an old saw that goes something like this: It gets really, really dark just before the lights go out."

Anonymous said...

Anglicanism is a three-legged stool. Scripture, Reason and Bigotry.Fr Simons should be sacked immediately as he fails to uphold the latter.

Unknown said...

My dear Father Christian,

Let it be noted (although not a single press release from the Diocese indicates this at all, which is quite odd), that the Rt. Rev. Clumber was head of the diocese while this travesty was occurring. Perhaps it was the result of Canine Vision and Hearing, which as you may or may not know, is vastly superior to bi-ped vision and auditory capabilities. We're quite optimistic (which again, is perhaps a sin and calls us back to measure the glass more exactly to see if it is indeed half full or half empty). Father Simons and others in the diocese have violated the first rule of being proper sheep and started thinking for themselves as to what might be best in their search for greener pastures.

Yours in Christ,

Brother David said...

Father Fred, is that not actually that it gets really dark after the lights go out?

Father David you are sitting on the wrong stool! There is no room for reason in Orthodox Anglicanism. The stool you want is Scripture, Tradition and bigotry.

When, pray tell, did Reverendisimo Clumber get to be such a wussy looking canine?!?

Unknown said...

Wussy? Did you say wussy? Let's see you get 3 tennis balls in your mouth! It's in response to +Rowan's encyclical on the need for play in our lives.

Wussy? I don't often do this, but "grrrrr"... did that sound wussy? Let me try again GRRRRRR!

susan s. said...

It appears that the take on this at T-19 is exactly the opposite of your entry, dear Fr. Troll.

Anonymous said...

+Clumber is not a wuss!

Dear and Reverend Father Christian, I have not stopped by in a while but this does not mean I do not revere the wisdom you utter on such a faithful basis. It's just that feline bishops have a duty to have longer naps in the winter. It does keep us away from error and heresy.

Again, Dah-veed: +Clumber is not a wuss! I'm surprised a handsome chap like you does not recognize a large appetite for playfulness when you encounter it.

Loving purrs to all.

+Maya Pavlova, FBE

Leonard said...

Let's see you get 3 tennis balls in your mouth!¨

Holy Enchilda con Mole

Are you kidding? Three tennis balls are nothing!

Leonard said...

sorry, enchilada

Jane R said...

Now you've got me hungry, Leonardo!

Brother David said...

Forgive me Your Excellency, the postage stamp foto fooled me. I remembered a robust bishop oozing machismo. What I thought that I was seeing in this teeny picture was a toy poodle claiming to be you.

Perdoname, por favor?

Unknown said...

Dah Veed,

As to the postage stamp figure, wasn't it Paul who said "Christ must increase and we must decrease."? I'm doing my part...

Apology (I think) accepted. Now back to my slumber.

Robert said...

I'm glad to see Dah-Veed suitable chastised and repentant for his calumny against our beloved +Clumber. I happen to think that the three tennis balls would go great with his mitre.