Tuesday, April 27, 2010

+Arizona Makes Me Nervous

Whether you’re a professional cyber-stalker-for Jesus like the Ould twins, or just some nut trying to reverse the decline in Irish sectarian violence, it’s vital to understand that the reason God tortured His Son to death was so that Christians could today display a mean-spirited lack of compassion to everyone lacking their own sinless self-righteousness.

Certainly, in New Testament times the Church was supposed to devote it’s energy to trivialities like feeding the poor, caring for the sick, or ministering to widows and orphans in such a manner as to not risk five-to-ten years imprisonment, but obviously that was only because under the Roman Empire’s gentle hand believers didn’t face the prospect of civilization’s destruction by homosexualists and Obamacare. No, My Beloved Sinners, back in the days of the Circus Maximus people knew how to treat foreigners with the distain they deserve. Whereas today we’ve got our work cut out for us preserving such fundamental liberties as the right to let poor people die through inadequate medical care – never mind having time to waste on non-strategic ministry to worthless foreigners of no value to the kingdom of God. After all, if God hadn’t wanted the primary focus of our outreach to be wealthy conservative whites Jesus wouldn’t have chosen His Apostles exclusively from this demographic.

Which is why I’m so troubled by the Bishop of Arizona. Mouthing foolish platitudes about loving one’s neighbors is one thing, but when an Episcopalian Prelate starts acting like Our Lord’s commands in this regard are in someway to be taken seriously - even when one’s neighbors are Hispanic - True Believers know things have really got out of hand. Not to mention his Grace having written a letter of support to such people - in their own language! All because a few creative lawmakers have sought to make scapegoats of the sojourners in their midst: since when has the Bible ever said anything about caring for strangers?

Honestly: were it not for the proudly indignant commenters at little Kendal Harmon’s blog (the always appropriately titled Nahum 3:6) showing there’s still a place for meanness and tiny-minded racism in ECUSA it would be hard to not lose hope. With people of the Rt. Rev. Kirk Smith’s caliber wearing purple I fear the future could prove no bed of roses: next thing you know someone might start pointing out Leviticus isn't all about homosexuality.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Lapinbizarre said...

Thanks for the Harmon link. Satisfying, once in a while, to have the mask ripped aside to reveal the close relationship between wingnut politics and wingnut religion.

Anonymous said...

We clergy in the Church of England are banned from membership of the fascist British National Party which advocates sending foreigners back to the land of their origin. Liberal Anglicans expect us to treat aliens like normal English people. It's a disgrace! We daren't even mention repatriating the Ould Twins back to Austria.

Anonymous said...

Did I hear correctly? Is it true that Fr Jass has suffered the same fate as Robin Hood? Silenced by the Sheriff of Nottingham! This cannot be true because Russell Crowe hits the screen on May 17th as Robin Hood. There's no keeping a good man down... and rumour has it that the Diocese of Durham is really under the sovereignty of God and not The Dark Lord's Mordor!

Anonymous said...

No this is the trumphet they keep referring to...



Anonymous said...

Of course Gafcon is divisive. The inhabitants of Mordor thrive on, and have been studying spiritual warfare for years!


I hope the Dark Lord doesn't hide behind too many foot soldiers. Oh that's right... the foot soldiers have fallen!

Dame Clara Butt said...

First F-ckWits, and now scriptural relativism raises its ugly head in comments at Stand Firm. Mark my words - those who doubt the truth of Noah's Ark today, will reject God's teaching on the Sin of Sodom tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Fr Troll
Are you sure you and your mates weren't transported to another place in time when you passed over the Bermuda Triangle? There were sightings of UFOs in Australia at the time.


These 3 vessels emitted a loud dischord, as they hovered above the ground... not like the spaceship described in this video clip!


Over and out

Anonymous said...

It is a fitting time for Bruce Ballentine-Jones to return to the Sydney Diocese, as Chairman of the Glebe Board and Secretariat. Some suggest (in recent times) that it is a Sydney Anglican position, whereby allocation of funds for enormous gambling losses are distributed... but who really knows?
Anyway, this post is a fitting place for a comment about Bruce. The post is dedicated to the heavy handed and scary tactics used against illegal aliens. Well there was none more heavy handed than Bruce, when it came to unwelcomed aliens. All those female aliens who dared to think that the may have a place in the priesthood in Sydney. I think it's fair to say that Bruce was the henchman and thug, who the other bullies hid behind. Chappo has been doing a reasonable job in recent times but nothing compared to Bruce. It's like the 'Rat Pack' has been reunited again for a second coming!The boys are back in town! Those boys who cut their teeth on the bullying of Sydney Anglican women! Bruce may not have been as prolific a writer as Chappo, but he was one great henchman, who displayed incredible talent when 'whip cracking' those lawyers on command. It was like The Man from Snowy River, riding rough shod over those mountains with a band of brumbies in hand. It brings tears to my eyes remembering his skill! I'm sure the Sydney Diocese and Matthias Media are indebted to you Bruce, for purging the diocese of heretics.
Nice to see you back Bruce!


Space Cowgirl

Seymour Prostate said...

With McKerihan out of the way it looks like Sydney Anglicans are never going to get the "complete and open" explanation of how $160 million of their assets were squandered that David Ould promised we'd receive at Synod last October. Ballentine-Jones will have no qualms about tkicking hte head of anyone asking awkward questions like "What commissions were paid in return for adopting outrageously unprofessional fund management strategy?"

Brad Evans said...

I think the US needs to have the same border as India does with Bangladesh or Mexico with Guatemala.

Anonymous said...

Is the Sola Panel being 'manned' by women? Where are the boys? Are they hiding behind their wives apron strings? I seem to recall this type of cowardice years ago.
They must have watched that old TV show called 'You Can't See Around Corners' ...and of course took it literally as only a Sydney Evangelical Anglican can!


Panoramic vision

Doorman-Priest said...
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Doorman-Priest said...

Sorry: bad tie-pin.

I have much the same feelings about George Carey.

Brad Evans said...

Is that "George Carey" or "+++++++George Carey"?
As gaynglo-catholics, you believe in the indelible character/ontological changes with ordination/consecration/ don't you?

Anonymous said...

I just found this! It's a video on spiritual warfare by St Andrew's cathedral.


Jedi Master

Anonymous said...

Could heresy be occurring in St Andrew's Cathedral Sydney? This sure looks like Chapter House! Surely it's not dragon worship!
Probably just Sydney's attempt at implementing reformed evangelical protestantism. The dragon was probably slayed by a foot soldier holding a biblical lazer. Proving yet again the infallibility of God's written word as deciphered by Sydney Anglicans.


Anonymous said...

Talking about spiritual warfare...
I saw the Sydney anglican senior clergy doing heresy border patrol. They're trying to keep all the aliens aka material atheists, feminists, humanitarians, gays and people in general away from their new recruits.


Where's the plank?

Wotan I Saw

Anonymous said...

Can the self-righteous walk the plank or do they have to be pushed?

Holier Than Thou

Anonymous said...

This one escaped from the Queen's convention.



Anonymous said...

These two escaped the Queen's Convention at St Andrew's Cathedral in Sydney. They missed out on being cured.


Freddie Mercury

Anonymous said...

Who's that post-gay with Dame Edna? Dame Edna doesn't seem a suitable candidate for coversion therapy. A little too irrevant perhaps.She may convert into obnoxious Sir Les Patterson.


They'll knight anyone in Australia! Will Edna adhere to the subliminal brainwashing of Sydney's ...


because the fear is...loose lips sink pirate ships!


Fancy not liking the mupphets...shame on you son!