Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010.

We weren’t going to celebrate Thanksgiving this year: for some time now I’ve been growing increasingly concerned at the appropriateness of participating in something so fundamentally unchristian . After, the Puritans didn’t have so much as one iota of respect for Pectoral Crosses, and I very much doubt if any of them ever swung a thurifer like they’re meant to be swung. Nor do I recall any of them staying at a five-star hotel while attending an important conference.

Besides, I’ve always felt there’s something intrinsically contradictory about the notion of a Puritan celebration: it’s sort of like a Baptist dance party, or a Walsingham Bible study (“This month we’ll be conducting an in-depth exploration of the references to Our Lady in St. Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians…”).

What’s more, as a Successful Conservative Biblical Christian I believe trivialities like family, friends, health and home should be seen as entitlements, not blessings. If God had wanted us to go around feeling pathetically grateful for things that don’t really matter He wouldn’t have placed deep within every person’s heart a righteous yearning for real treasure, like a house with a swimming pool, an enormous SUV, and clothes, hair and make-up as expensive as Sarah Palin’s.

Not, I must add, that Consuella approved of my decision to cancel Thanksgiving. Lately I’ve been trying to get her to share my interest in Complementarian Theology, and while initially quite supportive on account of her feeling I never say anything nice to anyone, she actually became quite critical when she realized that those wild and crazy guys at The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood spell the word with an “e”, not an “i”, and all look like last time they cheerfully gave a compliment was when an admirer in the Department of Correctional Services slipped them tickets to witness an execution. In fact she was so dismissive of my clearly Scriptural boycott that she refused to listen to a word I said, and even ignored the fascinating message I tried sharing with her while I peeled potatoes and shelled peas.

Which was a pity, since it came from a young man who calls himself “The Blogging Parson” (despite not serving as a Parson at all, but rather in a choice position obviously obtained with absolutely no nepotistic assistance whatsoever), and I’m sure Consuella would agree with him if she could only bring herself to stop thinking like someone inspired by the Risen Christ. Although I must admit that his division of Complementarianism into two categories, “thick” and “thin”, is dreadfully simplistic: without even trying I can from the top of my head come up with at least three more: “misogynist”, “stupid”, and “phallically-challenged”.

In fact I was so inspired by his example that I was about to put my foot down and call an immediate halt to all the pagan preparations, when suddenly a strange voice appeared dues ex machina and ordered me to shut up and give thanks for all the wonderful things in my life – much as is about to happen now…

… and so as the mysterious voice behind the dreadful Reverend Troll I’m going to take this opportunity to say thank-you: for everyone who’s been angered by something they saw here I give thanks that one day the God of Love and Justice will release you from your prison of pomposity, fear, bigotry and hatred; and for everyone else whom has ever felt this blog bringing a smile to their face, I give thanks for your laughter and hope, for your strength and your survival.

I’m Father Christian, and God Bless you all!


June Butler said...

What a lovely expression of gratitude, Fr Christian. I can hardly wait for your Christmas message.

Leonard said...

What voice behind? Nothing artifical going on here--speaking truth is why I come here...of course it´s sometimes funny as Hell (twisted as reality quite often is).

Happy Thanksgiving beloved Fr. Troll and may all turkeys be immediately´ve got a keen eye.

Anonymous said...

And how fitting it is for the Blogging Parson to write about Complementarian Theology? Its growth and development was part of a strategy that was used to control and persecute Sydney Anglican women who dared to speak out in the 70s and 80s, against the blatent sexism and mental/emotional cruelty of some members of the Anglican Church League.
It is interesting to watch the strategies being utilised against GLBT people. Homosexuality has become such a threat to these complementarians, that they are using charity agencies to prevent the acceptance and love of a minority group.
"An exciting development has been a developing dialogue with Anglicare about being in partnership with them (Liberty Christian Ministries Inc)in this ministry. Anglicare is a large organisation, with many resources to assist us in developing and growing our work."
It's interesting to watch the strategies employed with the Ugandan friends of Mordor, now that the gambling slush fund has dried up. The Archbishop's Appeal has been broadened to a big Anglican Aid campaign and it's looking for donations to 'tailor the aid' where needed. (I reckon it's needed in the bankrupt Sydney Diocese!)Nothing like persecuting women and GLBT people throughout the world with extended Jensenism. Sydney's Anglican Aid, partners with the University of Uganda to train 100 ordained future leaders (more Jensenites!).
"We have a lot of bad teaching of the gospel in Africa and that's not helpful to the church" say Olwa. Well I'm sure Matthias Media publications can sort out any ambiguity relating to the teaching of tolerance, respect, empathy and love of the down trodden and powerless, within the Anglican Church and the extended community.

Anonymous said...

One for you Fr Troll...Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

I thought I posted this earlier!!!!! Must have Gremlins in the computer!!!!

Isn't it fitting that the Blogging Parson, blogs about Complementarian Theology? This theology base is well rooted in the history of Sydney Anglicanism, where women in the 70s and 80s dared to speak out about the appalling treatment of Sydney Anglican women. These brave women were branded lesbians, who were emotionally unstable because they spoke out against the hardened, emotionally and mentally cruel, sexist behaviour of some Anglican Church League members. Church League members who were touting anti - social misogyny as God given. The 'Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood' arose out of the oppression of the female spirit, along with world wide dummy spits at any removal of any Biblical gender biased language. Nothing has changed except the female spirit is finally well and truly liberated!
It's interesting to watch the same complementarians (aka sexist and homophobic bigots)trying to contain the support for our GLBT friends.
They will stop at nothing! Their hatred of women and gays is nothing short of evil. They would rather bring the Sydney Anglican Church into disrepute, than behave in a Godly fashion towards those who have suffered at their hands for years.
When a charity like Anglicare, creates an alliance with a sexual reorientation organisation, such as Liberty Christian Ministries Inc, then you know madness has set in! A boycott of the charity is a real possibility.

What's even more concerning is the launch of (Sydney) Anglican Aid, which is explained by Peter Jensen as a way of 'tailoring charity' especially in Uganda. In Uganda (Sydney)Anglican Aid, partners with the Christian University of Uganda to promote 100 ordained ministers in leadership ie expand Jensen misogyny and homophobia. All the hatred that was propagated through a gambling slush fund, now is to be funded by donations from Sydney Anglicans.
As Olwa says... We have a lot of bad teaching of the gospel in Africa and it's not good for the church.
Of course Matthias Media Publications will help rationalise God's Word by extracting compassion, empathy and love from the written text, whilst measuring profit margins. Jesus didn't think much of Sydney's gambling slush fund strategy in Africa and I'm sure He's not into the economic rationalism of Matthias Media either!

Anonymous said...

The Blogging Parson cut his teeth on Complementarian Theology.

Another Complementarianwrote an interesting indepth piece about the Christian Dead.

When you focus on the underworld, then you never really have to be held accountable for what's going on in the physical world.
And speaking of Complementarian Theology.

Has Anglicare now become a 'Complementarian' charity in it's partnership with Liberty Christian Ministries Inc?? I wonder if ordinary Sydney Anglicans realise the impact that'Complementarian Theology' has on the already persecuted when they donate to their new aid agency. The one which 'tailors its aid' and partners with the Christian University in Ugandain funding 100 scholarships for future ordained leaders?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Complementarian Theology in Uganda...

Pete said...

I give "thanksgiving" for your posts which bring a smile to my face . . . and remind me that there are those of you out there who realize that picking and choosing your parishoners is not what Jesus would do.
You provide me with a constant affirmation of faith as I drive by my old church building in which I was baptized in October 1949, which is now filled with hatred of accepting the equality of women as the schismatics pay homage to their perceived South American saviours.
As a lawyer trained in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, I just cannot accept discrimination against anyone.
As the son of a single mother who worked to sent me to college, I cannot accept women being relegated to the altar guild.
Thank you for your considerable efforts to entertain and educate us.

Anonymous said...

A contemporary Sydney Anglican piece on Complementarianism. Called 'Complementarianism. Current Concerns and Future Fixes' by Phillip Colgan. Seems the biggest fix is ensuring the next Sydney Anglican Archbishop follows in the steps of his misogynist predecessor.

Anonymous said...

Complementarianism is not really God's word but the man made manipulation of Bible passages to provide a strategy to maintain heterosexual male domination within the church. Why don't they be honest and call it by it's true name ...the political strategy of Complementarianism?

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

"Why don't they be honest and call it by it's true name..."

Because that would involve a measure of honesty and transparency, which are always to be avoided when one is seeking to manipulate and divide.

Anonymous said...

And someone once said the truth will set you free!