Friday, June 19, 2009

Sneaky Dobby! Bad Elf!

My Dearly Beloved Sinners:
Some of you may already be aware that little Dobby Ould - one of the Jensen Family's impressive collection of house-elves - has started redirecting links from this blog, probably in a pathetic attempt to save costs on bandwidth given his master's recent spectacular misplacement of a few dollars; something which could easily happen to any clergyman, but not surprisingly hasn't.

Instead of permitting my dearly beloved evil-doers to view Dobby (also known as David Ould for the purposes of getting this post to show up in Google searches) and his novel refutations of reason and its role in Anglicanism, my links are instead pointing on to a video of Dobby's favorite artist performing what his Master considers traditional liturgical song.

Naturally it takes more than that to defeat the World's Greatest Doctrinal Warrior, and until Dobby's Master orders him to display a little more maturity, and a little less fear of those whose minds and spirituality didn't come down in the last shower, Dobby's site will first pass through an anonymous redirection service.

You can read more about these services here - or if you'd rather visit David Ould directly (thank you again Google!) just paste (and again!) directly into a new browser window and find your own way to whatever it is I'm talking about.

I'm Father Christian and nothing stops me teaching the Bible.


Cany said...

oooooo weeee. nothing like a a little re-direction to show the spirit of 'teh' inconsonant resonantion chamber.

Of course, in the background are the sounds of chains. But don't let that dissuade.

Brother David said...

Hey, I liked Rick Astley!

Anonymous said...

Although I haven't heard of David Ould, thank you for publishing his site details.I shall visit at least six times a day. As for Rick Astley, he's an ageing British has-been who retired because he wished to remain out of the public spotlight. Ironic, or what?

The Rt. Rev. Melvin Turnipseed said...

Dear Father Christian, perhaps you could redirect the Viagrans to this link.

I think they will find it very edifying.

Anonymous said...

Here's that link again: