Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nobody knows Ethics like a Jensen!

It’s true: this site probably does feature Archbishop Jensen, Lord of Mordor and Ganglion of Gafcon, more frequently than is really appropriate for a family orientated ministry. Still, desperate times call for desperate measures, and since the fact that you are able to read this is a strong indication you probably weren’t home schooled my belief is you need all the fundamentalist role-models I can offer you.

Consequently I must waste no time bringing to your attention this fascinating article, which was sent to me by not just one, but two Dearly Beloved Sinners dwelling in the Land where the Evangelical Shadows lie. Evidently state schools there have decided little Peter and his house-elves should no longer enjoy a monopoly when it comes to teaching ethics, a move which has understandably outraged Orthodoxy’s most unsuccessful gambler, and when confronted with a choice between the ethics of Sydney “Anglicanism” and those of the godless socialist-atheist state parents have been wickedly electing to entrust their children to the care of those who are not self-anointed Chosen Ones.

Which surely, more than any other example I can recall, stands as evidence of just how morally corrupt – how utterly spiritually bankrupt – the apostate liberal west has become. Here are parents handed the opportunity on a platter to have their children instructed in ethics by the same religious leaders who treat women, GLBTs, and divorcees as second-class citizens, who last year frittered away a paltry $160 million on dubious investments (and who still haven’t disclosed what exactly it was they did with their parishioners' money), and whom profess to represent historical Anglicanism whilst simultaneously advocating lay presidency, border crossing, and laissez faire liturgy.

I ask you: what responsible mother and father wouldn’t want their little one taught the moral values of the same people whom last November announced they’re closing down the state’s only residential school for profoundly disabled children on account of it being too expensive, but whom can continue sending their leaders around the world (“If it’s April we must be in Bermuda, or is it Singapore? Or both?”) to participate in conferences dedicated to ECUSA’s destruction? And doesn’t every loving parent want their child's development in the caring hands of those not ashamed to be hustling for funds to support the compassionate child-witch and queer killing churches of Uganda? Or how can any young one develop an ethical approach to life without a solid example of what an entire family can accomplish through nepotism?

Fortunately the article shows Dobby’s Master isn’t taking this threat lying down. In response to the terrible risk of tomorrow’s potential converts having been equipped with the ethical skills to tell the difference between right and wrong, and able to recognize a nasty hate-filled Pharisee when they see one, Sydney Anglican diocese is doing the first thing that Bible-Believing Christians should always do when confronted with the possibility of people seeing through their smoke and mirrors; “it has created a fund-raising website”.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Anonymous said...

No wonder Dobby wants to defect and handle Fr Hugh Jass' luggage. Has he finally seen the light?

Butler and Bellhop

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

Either that or else he's just desperate to work somewhere that can afford to keep paying him.

Anonymous said...

I have set up my own ethical website on which I advertise my luggage-carrying service for old homosexuals. I have NEVER carried Fr Hugh Jass's luggage as he is too young, good-looking and is not a Calvinist. As a poverty-stricken deacon, I need the money to support my own self- importance. If you Dr Troll, knew the difference between right and wrong you would leave the Episcopal Church and follow my Lord and Master, Most Rev Little Pete. I have carried his luggage for years. Next, you will be saying he is a poof like my twin brother used to be.
Get your suitcase carried to Australia here:

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell Peter Jensen that Anglicans are not the only denomination to have scripture classes. Why doesn't he whinge about the Buddist, Hindi and Islamic classes. He doesn't mind that these children are not wasting time being baby sat like those whose parents have elected for non-scripture.

It's interesting that the NSW Scripture Union seems heavily weighted with Sydney Anglicans.

And what's a Scripture Union without a bookshop?

I'll have to ask Ms Solemnis if Jackie Keenan (the ex director general of the NSW DET was the same Jackie Keenan who worked at implementing School's Renewal in 1990. A NSW Liberal Party initiative!) It seems a lot ex NSW DET personnel are cropping up on Sydney Anglican related boards.

I hope Mr Jensen's systemic ethics has improved.

Burnt bigtime

Anonymous said...

In a dark world of ethical dilemmas, there's always someone to shine a light on the road taken by we miserable sinners. Take Fr Martin Wray SSC of South Shields (Diocese of Durham). After 37 years of happy marriage to his belated wife, he has at last found loving consolation in the arms of a new husband, whom he married last Friday. ("A change is as good as a rest", I always say). It seems ethically strange that a Durham priest should emulate the lifestyle of someone like non-resident Bishop Gene Robinson, who was also once married to a woman, instead of non-resident Bishop Tom who has NEVER married a man. Now that +Tom has bought a one-way air ticket to Scotland, it seems many more Durham clergy may start marrying their "friends". Fr Martin shows us his new husband on Facebook.!/martin.wrayssc?ref=search&sid=502377694.555650777..1
PS Does anyone know a once-gay Curate who married a woman? That WOULD be strange!

Anonymous said...

Could post heterosexual and post gay by another name be bisexual?
Flip the coin!

Anonymous said...

Did I read somewhere that conservatives are going to leave the church AGAIN? That's when women are ordained as bishops in the UK?

Who cares? Let them take their playlunch and go home!


Anonymous said...

Fr Jass
I've heard that you've had experience with internet tampering and censorship so tune in to the ABC (Aus) tonight to see the efforts of GetUp members in the campaign against internet filtering. At 8.30pm, Four Corners covers the campaign and at 9.35pm, Q&A explores internet censorship.


Lapinbizarre said...

Eager anticipation for Dobby's "ethical website".

Oddly, here in Columbia, SC, where George Reckers - he of the "handled baggage" - was a member of the University of So Carolina's faculty for a quarter of a century - there has been absolutely no mention him in "The State", which claims to be SC's "newspaper of record". A "family values" thing, I guess.

Ms A Solemnis said...

Encouraging to see "the Boy who cried 'Wolf!'" factor finally coming into play where Sugden, Jensen & Co are concerned. The Singapore jamboree has been a damp squib and Rowan seems to have summoned the intestinal fortitude and common sense to ignore the drama queen letters received from Orombi & a couple of pretty minor primates (these are the people forever sneering that TEC is small?) before that meeting.

Calamity Jane said...
sorry if the link doesnt work, still learning.

Brad Evans said...

Celebrate your bitchiness! Nothing says Gaynglo-Catholic like bitchiness, lace and gin!
After all, it's all about poofs in chasubles, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more Brad! Gin slinging women look just as good in lace and chausables.
I was considering atheism as an alternative. However, I'm a bit disillusioned now because I was led to believe humanists cared for their fellow man, and didn't propagate the same bigotry that exists in parts of the institutionalised church.

Nearly an atheist

Anonymous said...

Is this Bishop Broadhurst for real or is he just incandescent when he speaks about being forced out of the Anglican church. He speaks of a church that was tolerant of all! Where was the tolerance for gays and women?
I suppose he, like the others who protest women bishops, could not have a women preach in front of him. It would be deeply offensive to his arrogance, pretentiousness and small mindedness. A good way to prevent women speaking is have a moratorium on the issue so no one speaks about women's equality. It stifles debate...but better still hack into other people's websites and remove (with God's authority) any Bible verse typed by women's fingers. That is true fundamentalism. And this is not about the Koran.

Woman know thy place

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

"After all, it's all about poofs in chasubles, isn't it?"

Only for you, little Brad my son, only for you.

Nelly the E said...

Didn't you do an identical, word-for-word post a couple of weeks ago, Brad? Talk about Johnny One Note. Someone must have done something pretty strange to you when you were a sex-ton (a position akin to that of baggage-handler, I assume). Incidentally, I believe that it's pink gin those people drink. But why don't you go ask them? Somewhere like this, for example. You're barking ("barking" is the right word, for sure) up the wrong tree, bothering people here, Brad honey. Guess you have yet to pick up the nerve to bother people at the kind of site you're really lusting after. Bit like a beginning leather queen working up the courage to sidle into her first leather bar.

Sad Brad.

Anonymous said...

Of course we're creepy. It goes with the territory.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Fr Troll
Have you seen this? Obviously the Jensen's 'Liberty Christian Ministries Inc' is deemed offensive
Are the evangelicals in hiding like the gays of old?

Getting steamy in Sydney!