Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Retraction and Apology Re: David Ould

On Monday, August 16, 2010 the owner of this blog posted a supposedly satirical piece claiming that the Rev. David Ould, a deacon of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney Australia, was transferring to the fictitious parish of St. Onuphrius’ Ichabod Springs.

Accompanying was photograph purporting to be a likeness of Rev. Ould. This picture was in fact not of the Rev. Ould, but had been taken from a web site featuring images of dangerous criminals charged and convicted of serious felonies, including (but not limited to) causing grievous bodily harm and aggravated sexual offenses against minors.

This notwithstanding, the author and owner of http://gafcon.blogspot.com acknowledges that individual depicted in that photograph suffered deep humiliation as a result of being erroneously depicted as the Rev. Ould and/or as an apologist for one of the most hateful expressions of institutionalized fundamentalism to have ever emerged within the Anglican Communion.

The author responsible unreservedly apologizes to the young man whose image was used, and wishes it to be made absolutely clear that whatever else he may have done, he is not, and never has been, a clergyman in the diocese popularly known as “Mordor”. Nor has he ever acted with absolute disregard for almost two hundred million dollars of his church’s assets; attempted to prevent the transparent disclosure of the same; sought to meddle in the affairs of other churches while hiding the rampant corruption and nepotism in his own; persistently condoned the usage of what would, were it not hiding beneath a cloak of religion, be considered hate-speech (and thus illegal) against other persons on the basis of their gender and/or sexuality. Neither has he ever actively sought to exchange the truth of God for a pharisaic lie.

Besides which, he doesn’t even look as funny as Dobby.


Anonymous said...

Fr. Troll,
I know that you are always led by the spirit in your ministry. But perhaps it is time to form a search committee which would spend a year reflecting on the ministry of the parish,its assorted operations and what a curate would do. I know that you spent some time thinking about a call to Rev. Ould but maybe you might want to branch out a bit. At least this process will be a nice break from little Matt Kennedy-.

Fr. Maxwell Smart+

Leonard said...

Oh no, I disagree, just when Matt K is starting to fully illuminate my twisted thinking with a solid planito...before I had no respect for yippee-ki-yo-ki-yea harping about homosensuality but alas, big Padre Troll, I´ve changed (into something more comfortable)...I thought dang wronglike...now I´ve become a curedit and will do as you say not as I did/do!

WV: Inglo (I knew him before he went to the ex-Gay clinic in El Paso/Juarez and had his plumbing rearranged).

Anonymous said...

I am the twin brother of the young man you libellously depicted on your ungodly blog. We share a cell together, after I was convicted for impersonating a heterosexualist. I am now initiating legal proceedings in the State of California, the USA, the Europpean Union, Russia and Ulan Bator. I am claiming ownership of all your parish property. I intend to set up a healing centre for "post-gay" criminals.

smithj1@unisa.ac.za said...

Dear Father Christian

It's no good. I can't get over it. Perhaps it's my Scottish ancestry. How the hell did Jensen manage to get away with losing $200 million at the casino/on the horses?

Didn't anyone notice?

Where's the full story?

Why isn't he in prison?

Jane in Pretoria

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

No, My Beloved Sinner, little Archbishop Jensen knows full well that when it comes to losing really serious money casinos or the track run a distant second to the stock market.

The modus operandi of him and his fellow chosen ones was to heavily borrow in order to purchase high-yield stocks: so long as the market keeps growing faster than the interest rate everything works well. Unfortunately God failed to warn His elect misogynists that a crash was coming, and since high-yield is generally also high-risk…

I’m told things were made much worse by the fact that instead of balancing the investments across a range of portfolios, little Peter and his serfs had all their eggs crammed into just one institution’s basket. Naturally he’s never revealed exactly why he chose to run with such a strategy, which less faithful financial observers rate somewhere between “utterly stupid” and “suicidal” – nor has the amount of commission earned by person or persons unknown in return for this creative approach to economic prudence ever been revealed.

According to my spies in Mordor the reason he’s been able to get away with it all is simple: dissenting lay voices are banned in synod, and any clergy prone asking questions are themselves asked if they’d like to see their own position and parish “rationalized” as part of the subsequent cost-cutting.

Anonymous said...

Fr Troll,
Do you as a fundamentalist prefer to travel by sea as opposed to air? If I could I'd rather the latter.
I wonder if Brad as an atheist believes in other energy or life forms?

Anonymous said...

I thought God transcended the literal Biblical word.