Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bedford here we come!

Just a quick not to let you know Bishop Quinine & I on our way to the ACNA Inaugural Assembly, and have just boarded our plane. Bishop Quinine keeps insisting I shouldn't use a computer during take off, and that my wireless internet connection will upset the aircraft's navigational equipment, but we all know how he is when it comes to flying. Besides, he only agreed to join me so that he could spend another hour or so sniffing his crotch in the crash-brace position.

I'll post more after the flight attendant has finished serving our canapés and champagne (we hacked +Wright's frequent-flyer account for an upgrade). In the meantime would anyone like to help me answer an email concerning a dispute between two young men attending on behalf of Nashotah House? The sender wants to know if it still counts towards membership of the mile-high club if the aircraft is still on the runway? And does one have to have someone in there with you, or is a picture of Matt Kennedy and a small Mary Poppins figurine ok?

I'm Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Lapinbizarre said...

More chiefs than braves? A shot from yesterday's Ft Worth Eucharist. More at

Pierre R. Wheaton said...

It only counts on the runway in Denver, and the you can use a picture of Matt Kennedy and the Mary Poppins Figurine if you filed the paperwork.