Friday, June 26, 2009

Leading Anglicans ingnore ACNA!

When it comes to being recognized, it’s not who knows you, it’s who doesn’t. You can always tell the really big names when it comes to religion by the way they’re not continuously dropping names in an attempt to show they do more than just run a break-away sect founded this week in suburban Texas.

Let’s face it, you don’t hear the Archbishop of Canterbury boasting of having received a email from Elder Peepstone of the Salt Lake City Tabernacle, do you? Nor does the Pope get excited about senior Christadelphians knowing who he is. And you can say what you like about the Presiding Bishop, but authority her office depends on more than a letter of recognition from a family of snake-handling Appalachians.

Consequently it’s all very well for ACNA to get terribly excited because a few pointy hats on the periphery of the Communion have wished them all the very best, but if little Bobby and his merry men are planning on being around for the long haul it’s going to take more than a few kind words from the usual suspects. Sure ++Anis is a big shot in his corner of the world, providing you’re not part of the 99.9% of the population there who are Muslim, Maronite, Roman, Coptic, Orthodox or Whirling Dervish, but let’s face it; think “Anglican heartland” and Egypt is not the first place that pops into your mind.

Nor should anyone place too much faith in a letter of approval from little Peter Jensen: he’d have a kind word to say about the Klan if they started seriouslyax hating liberals and stopped wearing robes. Which leaves us with what? A couple of English evangelicals, and two others from a group calling itself “Mainstream” which says all anyone needs to know; if you feel the need to hide behind a name like that you're probably anything but mainstream. Nor could it be said with any certainty that you're safe to trust with carving the Sunday roast.

Which leaves poor little Bobby with Rick Warren, and he’s not even an Anglican. Then again, come to think of it, neither is little Bobby anymore.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Lapinbizarre said...

So much for the recent comment by an otherwise sound blogger that "Father Christian Troll is so obviously over the top that no-one should take him literally". Excellent, literal truth.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Kenya! ACNA has the support of Kenya!

Anonymous said...

Isn't just wonderful that --Duncan has begun his secession from TEC in the heartland of Secessionist Gov. Rick Perry state.

Jim ;-)

Fred Schwartz said...

Fr. Christian,

Now, before I say anything I want you to remember who I is -- or was -- once upon a time before the muzzle.

Saying it ain't so does not make it so. We said, no one can break away -- and they did. We said, no one can go to another province and they did. We said ignore them and they will go away and they did not. We deposed them by the hunnerts and it made no difference. We said they could not form a province within a province and they did. How many times must we say the Emperor is fully dressed before we realize that ain't the case? Perhaps Archbishop Williams will set us straight at convention time.

Anonymous said...

In some breathtakingly codependent act of denial, thus cowardly behavior, the Archbishop of Canterbury doesn´t comment on acts of vileness such as instigating despicable murder/massacre at The Anglican Communion initiated by Anglican Bishops.

The ¨witch hunts¨ in Kenya are to be compared with Orombi/Uganda preaching against ¨evil imported Gays¨ in his home country where a full blown ¨witch hunt¨ is currently underway (can you imagine the unreported emotional, spiritual and physical abuse?)...preaching ignorance and initiating crimes of HATE is loathsome...Orombi is a grandstanding opportunist and instigator of dangerous and degenerate lies he attempts to export under the cover of his ¨purity code¨...he´s just one of many corrupt ¨religious and political¨ leaders in Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria...the apples of ACNA´s eye, the sponsors, the supporters and ¨in full Communion¨ accomplices of fear/hate ministries...if these deposed ACNA +bozos think they have become ¨Anglican Communion¨ members by ¨connection¨ they have ¨connected¨ to a most despicable thought with this lot of con artists... ACNA has joined up with perpetrators of slander, lies, injustice, demonization and hate. Anglican clergy thugs who light FEARDRIVEN fires of plain superstituous stupidity while fanning the flames of long running taboos give the Spanish Inquisition equal standing (btw, I saw a burning via a video link a friend sent from Kenya, it still haunts me) with West African Persecutions.

I´m thrilled the ACNA tainted soulmates have joined/encouraged ACNA to do their filthy to keep this Klan together where we can keep a eye on them...they are dangerous to everyones spiritual good health and general well-being even though they refuse to take RESPONSIBILITY for their REAL, and vile, ACTIONS!

Three Blind Mice, ¨see how they run¨

Cany said...

The real question is, WHY is Rick Warren so interested?

Is it because these new __(fill in a name, but they ain't Anglicans)__ are Baptist in thinking with cool duds?

Is it because he has a conservative NCC in mind (ala IRD) in order to defeat NCC and their works?

What is it?

Warren never does anything for maught.

I just watched his entire talk. I was stunned at the hypocrisy.

And WHY in the world would ACNA even want Rick there?

All I can say is there's more to this than meets the eye.