Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Apology re: Mr. David Virtue

It has been brought to my attention by both a very nice regular reader, and a very nasty firm of bottom-feeding lawyers that my my previous post contained an unintentional error for which I unreservedly apologise.

Instead of directing viewers to a picture of Mr. David Virtue, the link in question instead accidently pointed to a picture of a creature commonly known as the Naked Mole Rat.

This was, as I have already stated, entirely unintentional, and absolutely no offence was intended to members of the species Heterocephalus glaber, nor to breeders and fanciers of this entirely honourable member of the animal kingdom. I can well appreciate the inference of any similarity between them and Mr.Virtue was extremely distressing, and want to reiterate that doing so was in no way my intention.

By way of explanation I can only surmise that the mistake occurred as a result of my entering the terms “abnormally cold-blooded”, “coprophagic”, “dependant upon symbiotic bacteria”, and “insensate to external pain” while Googling for an appropriate picture of Mr. Virtue. Little did I realise these terms could result in an image of something other than Mr. Virtue, for in selecting these I overlooked an important difference between the two. Heterocephalus glaber are (unusually for mammals) Eusocial, while – as everyone knows - little David Virtue is notoriously antisocial.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Anonymous said...

Your error Dr Troll is quite understandable. I recently googled the creepy name "Jensen" and found an article about "Elysia flavomacula" which, as you know, is a Korean sea slug. I am at a loss to understand how one of God's lovely marine creations could be confused with a slimy, antipodean creature of indescribable ugliness.

Leonard said...

Pack RATS: Startling not-so-new discoveries regarding Archbishops and very common Commoners reveals the compulsive hoarding of stuff...stuff can include emotionally challenged followers/commenters, ones own normal throw-away trashed thinking/goods or even fictional relics of thinking/beliving propped up by Witch Hunters, turned Head Hunters in Mitres. Of course, accumulating trash is combustible if not just plain unhealthy.

BTW, the photos of The Virtue are to be found at the Province of Southeast Asia where he attended various religious events sponsored by the former Graceless Primate (Mrs. Virtueless is pictured too) a few years back. Somethings about ordaining Tigers.

Robert said...

Completely understandable Rev. D. Sir! I hope the rats are now happy with your apology for insulting them so greatly though.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the biology lesson. I needed a good laugh.

June Butler said...

Good thing you caught yourself in error and quickly apologized, Fr Christian, for in my crystal ball, I saw a battle of the lawyers coming right at you. Now, all is cool for you, oh, Coolest of the Cool.