Sunday, January 25, 2009

David Ould and the Agenda of Death

If I’ve posted it here once I’ve posted it fifty billion times: what I admire most about my faithful conservative GAFCON imitators is that they never exaggerate. That’s why little Peter Jensen’s official envoy to Viagraville so impressed me with the title of his latest piece “Obama’s agenda of death begins”.

This considered and well balanced piece, which can also be found at Viagraville where, if the number of comments is any indication, the author is much more popular than he is on his own site, highlights the new President’s outrageous decision to reverse George W. Whatshisname’s ban on funding foreign family planning agencies giving information about abortion, or which shockingly even go so far as to provide women with access to medically-supervised abortions in safe and hygienic environments.

As a male professional Gafconeer living and working in one of the most yuppified parts of a country which is (as long as you’re white) among the world’s wealthiest and most peaceful, little Pete’s spruiker is amply qualified to make decisions on behalf of unwillingly pregnant African women. Indeed, while reading his stirring condemnation of those lowering themselves to actually care for such ladies one can’t help recalling Our Lord’s words in Matthew 23:4 as He addressed an earlier group of fine upper-middle class men committed to Biblical inerrancy and social purity.

After all, if women in the third world want access to the same options as those in west they should think more carefully before choosing to be born in god-forsaken poverty-stricken corners of the globe. How dare they presume that just because they’re pregnant, with no support, no future, and no hope, that they have some sort of right to make the same choices, care, and facilities as women in countries where everyone understands the importance of a 3 hour bible study on a few verses from Romans? If a coat hanger and an agonising slow death from septicaemia was good enough for our mother’s generation why should impoverished foreigners expect anything better?

No, there’s clearly an agenda of death at work here, and I’m proud to be standing alongside those opposed to it. Besides, everyone knows that what the third world needs more than anything else is more unwanted children.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

It would be helpful if the conealoneialists would stop the stupidity long enough to understand what pro-choice means. Of course it may also mean that one keeps it in his pants but that is probably to simple an explanation.

Robert said...

Stop the stupidity? That sounds like outright heresy to me dear Fred!

Doorman-Priest said...

Pearls before Swine Fr. Troll, pearls before swine.

susan s. said...

Who you callin' 'swine', DP?

Anonymous said...

As one of your earliest, and therefore oldest, followers I must agree with you again and again and again...however, I do want to note that I *was* amongst the first to flip my lid and regurgitate (both here and beyond here and also where there once was a place) and spew regarding the emotional dementia that weaved its way into becoming THE LEADING standard, characteristic and TEST of spiritual well-being (passed down from the Saints and the not so Saints but liars and everyday criminals) amongst the victimized, and generally threatened (with Hell and more) flocketts. The fallen, and greedy, thieving, terrorfilled, holylightweights and insisting demanders for Cristo have been sucked in by such sickness it makes me feel all queezy, startled but stronger in my Faith and understanding of Gods ¨will¨ for me.

I remain,

Vernon Billy Wallbanger, III

Boaz said...

Do the haters not know that Bush reversed Clinton's pro-choice overseas funding just as quickly as Obama and that the "speed" of signing is part of a tradition?

Abortions will cease when people stop wanting abortions. Fortunately in the west the supply of abortions roughly equals the demand. Certainly that would be the case in Jensenville, (Sydney).

In Africa they could never supply the number of abortions that people might request.

Abortion is prevented by adequate family planning (i.e. contraception), a happy side-effect of which is disease prevention.

Will the haters refuse the inevitable cures for terrifing diseases that will inevitably flow from stem-cell research? eg childhood cancers, motor nurone disease. No, they'll line up like everyone else, nay, probably push to the head of the queue.