Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shock and Horror in Colorado.

It’s no lie: my hands are positively shaking with disgust at the news that a judge has just ruled that CANA’s own answer to Bernie Madoff, the financially scrupulous Don Amrstrong, is not allowed to steal his former church and rectory buildings.

In making the astonishing finding that property consecrated as an Episcopalian Church 1929, when the parish Rector, Wardens and Vestry signed a document stating they ”hereby relinquish all claim to any right of disposing of the said building”, does indeed belong to the Episcopalian Church, the court has proven the truth of my words last year. If you recall, my dear sinners, I clearly warned everyone that the United States would go to wrack and ruin if people didn’t have the sense to send Sarah Palin to the Washington. And just look what things have come to now...

Seriously, what hope is there for anyone when the state intervenes to prevent an accomplished tax cheat and fraudster stealing church property? Surely his homophobic disciples could have bribed someone? After all if a righteous god-fearing nation like Nigeria can permit that sort of thing it ought surely to be permissible here in the immoral west? Perhaps someone could give little Martyn Minns a call and ask what he thinks.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Unknown said...

Well, the part that got to me was not that they lost the church.

Not even that they lost the rectory.

They lost the name of the church too!

This is like the ultimate 'in your face, old man!' slam dunk move! Booya!

Leonard said...

I´ve been driven to deep sadness...oh so sorry it wasn´t a offense that required a ¨legal injection¨...I have no pity for weakness amongst the flock...the fizzly Akinola is right up there with grizzly Orombi...this is plain wrong.

HAPPY news in Uganda, it seems that Adi Amin isn´t dead and had a facelift instead and is back in power at the Ministry of ¨Ethics¨´ll see.

More, well-deserved bloodbaths a´coming.

Anonymous said...

I would be grateful, Dr Troll if you would send me the deeds relating to all properties connected with the Parish of St Onuphrius. I am thinking of selling it. My lawyer J. Mark Brewer is dealing with this matter.