Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lessons Matt Kennedy Learned When Attempting Theft - #1

1. While in negotiations, before a lawsuit is filed, always be sure to document, in writing and in detail, the discussion and any decisions taken at every meeting with your bishop or members of the diocesan standing committee. Send copies to each of your allies present in the meeting. Have them print it out, date it, and sign it. Send a signed copy to the bishop and standing committee. These may or may not help you when and if the diocese sues, but they will almost always come in handy with the press.
Remember: just because you get your tail whipped in Court doesn’t mean you can’t get lazier members of the media to accept and publish every piece of garbage you feed them. The important thing is to ensure any morsels you distribute look official enough to fool the reporter’s sub-editor should they sufficiently awaken from their drunken stupor to question why someone claiming to be a journalist is filing this crap.

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