Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lessons Matt Kennedy Learned When Attempting Theft - #6

6. Tell your people that every check written today will, if you lose, end up in diocesan coffers tomorrow. They need to know this so that they will be able to make free and informed choices with their money.
That’s because a loss means the Court will make the outrageous ruling that anything donated to the Episcopal Church actually belongs to the Episcopal Church. Instead of permitting your parishioners to continue faithfully supporting that part of the Body of Christ into which they have come, pressure them to start giving their offerings directly to a privately controlled “fighting fund”. Or even better, make them just give it all directly to you. In cash.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Our Lord's teaching on "paying taxes to Caesar" is wrong. It is best to keep one's money for oneself. One should always encourage parishioners to "pay taxes to God" i.e. Mr Kennedy.

susan s. said...

I am learning so much! Thank you Dear Father Troll. Cash it will be when you call!

I am Your Faithful Sinner.


Anonymous said...

I have always thought it best to keeps one's money for oneself; the idea that someone who is immortal, invincible, all-knowing and all-powerful needs a check from me every week is ridiculous even for people who talk to the air and believe their economics can be dictated by a Bronze Age text.

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

In your case, little Brad my son, it probably is a good idea to keep your money to yourself - but you've got to understand that most people earn a little more than your $0.20 weekly allowance. And unlike you they're free to spend it as they wish, without having to first seek Matron's permission.

Anonymous said...

And they don't have a thorazine habit to support, either!