Monday, July 26, 2010

Lessons Matt Kennedy Learned When Attempting Theft - #5

5. When/if a suit is filed, tell your people early and often that the lawsuit may very well end in defeat. Your task is to prepare everyone mentally, spiritually, and practically to lose all of the assets and the church buildings.
After leading your congregation into a quagmire of smelly brown stuff be certain to distance yourself from the fight. That way you can put all the blame on someone else when things turn nasty.


Anonymous said...

Perfect! Good Gafcon/Good Shepherd/ACNA advice. How wonderful for Pastor Matt to remind us of what every good promoter should know. Start the bar fight, goad all your allies into throwing the punches and shattering the tables and mirrors, but if the thing starts going south, make sure you're not the one left holding the bag. ...You warned them of the possible outcome...

Anonymous said...

Whoops, after all those extended days/weeks of discernment warmaking prayer (one need not use the Bible when one has the CANA-Minns do-in-yourselfer sure-fire poachers hand-is-quicker-than-the-Rosary-beed handbook to float passionate schismatics into the deep end of the vineyard and dump em in WAY over their heads) clear that if ¨things¨ don´t turn out so hot just blame feckless homosensualist fandancers and paddle on to the next pretend/pure flappinglipped lifesaver!

Papshmire Versillian Smooter, Esq. ¨Fahklumpt? Call Nosotros¨