Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sorry Folks – No Show Today.

This blog, along with St. Onuphrius’ and the whole demented cast of Ichabod Springs, was created with one aim in mind: to make fun of those who would have the world embrace bad religion – the kind of faith which seeks to tear down the different, the small, the tired and the weak. The pompous and power hungry, and the ones who know everyone else is wrong, invariably hate being laughed at above all else. They might not fear God, but they do fear ridicule.

Seven years ago today an example of religion at its worst encouraged a few evil idiots to murder about three thousand men, women and children in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. Since then thousands and thousands more have died, and countless others have been hideously wounded as a consequence of that terrible morning. Yet sadly the exponents of bad religion – all bad religion, irrespective of brand or deity - seem to have learned nothing.

There are still fools who think it glorious to live and die by the sword in an effort to kill those daring to see God through their own eyes. Whatever the religion, there are still those who claim a mandate to crush dissenters. There are still those who think the Divine can be reduced to a series of propositions, formulas, and equations – and that anyone questioning their arithmetic must at all costs be silenced.

Father Christian and the gang will be back tomorrow, larger than life as always, and together our laughter can help tear down the buffoons whom they mock – but please for today take a moment to remember those killed by fools convinced the Kingdom of God shall belong to them alone. Shed a tear in their memory, or perhaps just smile at nothing in particular; light a candle in their honor if that’s your thing, or buy some flowers to stand in the corner of the room. Just don’t forget them.

And please: hold someone dear to you very close, and tell them how wonderful they make the world. Because you never know when those who hate God and all the wonder and Light that God brings will try to tear you apart for a season.

God bless us all on this sad day, and keep us safe until we are once more together.