Sunday, September 21, 2008

Support for the Righteous Bishop of Pittsburgh

Evangelical Eric has just informed me that the Methodists are packing in preparation for some sort of retreat, so I'm concerned St. Onuphrius' might again be without internet access for a few days until the forsaken Amalekites running our internet service provider finally choose to provide us with an internet service.

Consequently I'd like to make a quick announcement of - an important site on which Bible-believing Christians around the world can express their support for the One, True and Righteouss Bishop of Pittsburgh: His Grace the Right Reverend Ozzie Clumber.

Like the previous incumbent he is prone to slobbering when excited, but unlike little Bobby the effluvia is in no way unpleasant, and according to folk-legend even mildly antiseptic. What's more I can categorically state Bishop Clumber has never attempted to steal any church property. So please, my dear Sinners, let's all give him our support.

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