Tuesday, September 23, 2008

There goes Peter Jensen-tail, hopping down the money trail..

Since calling everyone's attention to the danger that asking questions about little Peter Jensen's secretive funding of GAFCON poses to a number of worthy Primate's bankrolls and frequent-flyers accounts my email has been positively running over.

However as our internet access still depends upon us tapping into the Methodist's wireless account, it’s taking me longer than I would like to reply to everyone. I must ask everyone to be patient, and please be assured that I am indeed finding all the correspondence most interesting.

So far most letters fall into one of three categories: those from disgruntled members of little Pete’s flock, who dare to resent his right to spend their money on stirring up trouble in everyone else’s dioceses, especially given that his own is beginning to experience all sorts of problems which local worshippers are not allowed to discuss; those from people who’ve been busily following the GAFCON money trail for themselves, in the course of which they seem to be finding all manner of fascinating things hiding under rocks; and those from Jensen family members and their bond-servants, who in their folly appear solely concerned with questioning my spiritual parentage and motives.

It’s this last group that I find the most entertaining. All offering variations of the same deluded theme involving my wickedness and utter separation from Grace, they all have one other thing in common - Not one of them mentions the money!

This cone of silence extends to the Sydney Anglican web site. Despite having a forum in which Australian newspapers are routinely criticized for their anti-Christian bias, this particular article might just as well not exist. Not a peep. Which is indeed most impressive – not even I can keep my entire flock from bleating out of turn occasionally.

There has been one small slip, however. The day after I drew everyone’s attention to this grave threat to Global Anglican mischief-making the Sydney Anglican media officer issued a glowing piece in support of ex-Bishop Bobby Duncan, which just happened to mention in the very last paragraph that “the Sydney standing committee commended Archbishop Jensen for his work with GAFCON saying it strongly supports his involvement and encourages his efforts as honourary secretary of the Primates council.”

Honorary secretary??!!! Can’t you just see him curled up across Big Pete Akinola’s knee taking dictation? While sitting in an office that the Anglicans of Sydney have paid for!!! I’ll say one thing for little Pete’s serfs; they may be more secretive than North Korea, and financially wackier than Lehman Brothers, but they sure do know how to make us all laugh!

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


June Butler said...

I can't wait for a peek into the emails of the Jensen family members.

Anonymous said...

They all ought be pleased as punch that Greg Vacables isn't watching over/touching their treasure chest...they're not that dumb.

Hysterically funny. They actually appointed someone who is so stupidly self-righteous (who airbrushes his faith each morning) that he doesn't know he's an accomplice to the tainting of money and goods (until outrage from the devilworshippers sets in)...talk about laudering, this takes the puritan, frostingless cake...of course, The Petey's are just the Tipy's of the Iceberg in the funding of fundies department.

The Rt. Very Miserable Dr.Grabinski-Snatchfelding, Diocese of Eastern Tibet and Beyond