Monday, September 22, 2008

The Brewer's Discover Priorities

Sadly it's no wonder the Brewer's are having problems: a comment one of them (or perhaps a "friend" - although that's unlikely since there's good reason to believe they don't have any) left on a homily of mine from the first week of August suggests they're really not keeping up with things.

The "Anonymous" comment was as follows:
Pretty hypocritical remarks. Why don't you care about the fact that every-time you fill up with gas in the UK, you have to walk by soft porn.

Why don't you care about this indecency? I suppose that it is easier to attack someone attempting to good, rather than attempting to do some good yourself.

Critics are always right. You don't ever have to do anything yourself to be a critic. Just criticize others.
First let me say that I was unaware selling gas had somehow been incorporated into Christian ministry. Clearly it's not just questionable Texan lawyers who are leading the way when it comes to innovativly merging Gospel ministry with peddling anything that turns a buck.

This said, I must stress my offence at the suggestion that I am uncaring with regard to this indecency. On the contrary, I am both shocked and appalled. My local gas stations offer nothing more than a variety of petroleum-based fuels, junk food and candy, and cigarettes - all products everyone must agree have never harmed anyone, and all perfectly suitable for children. That the British have a further option of magazines featuring unclad men and women is outrageous! If they want to purchase this sort of thing they should visit the Third Space Bookshop and get it from a "Christian" source.

Finally, your comments about critics are well founded and accurate. Only those who've undertaken real work - such as attempting to mislead a Houston court, or asset=stripping an important community resource - understand what doing good is really about. Besides: if all those people complaining about not being paid were honestly doing it rough they would be selling their private light aircraft, just like poor Phil Brewer is. Next thing people will be suggesting employees have some sort of right to be be paid for their work.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

Sounds to me like someone thinks you are a baptist instead of a world famous teacher of the Episcopal bible.

Anonymous said...

dream up a half-assed pseudonym isn't worth my time" Two Cents

I take that personally. As a rabid participant at GAFCON and every other truly sacred venue for the emotionally overfloweth, nonsense frittering and outright bitter, I wish to reassert my cleverness.

As you may have noticed throughout the years throughout the various hemispheres (and wherever it is that we are), my "half-assed" pseudonyms have been VERY WELL RECEIVED and sometimes giggled at...extensively.

God is on my side. God always has been on my side and I won't take no for a answer when I demand a YES in all that I do.

Enough is enough.

Barbs Bluebaby Rattlestruck-Phipps

Agent for Change

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

That's the Spirit Barbs, my delightful little daughter of all that that is self-proclaimed as virtuous. Never give them an inch and they'll never expect a mile.

Doorman-Priest said...

I need some moral guidance about the magasines. I seem to be in rather a lot of them. It was a misunderstanding at the job interview. I thought he said "Show us your bells" and the rest is history.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fr Christian, please do not be too troubled by the anonymous ant on your blog. It was probably Phil Brewer. If he left an e-mail address which is then it is Phil B. If he left a thing - nah, not even he is that stupid! If he was truly anon then it is still him. Like you say they don't have friends - other than some crooked ones.

It is a pity that he tooks offense especially since you tried hard to admire his business acumen!!