Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Trick: Sydney's Halloween Greeting.

“I would suggest that Anglo-Catholicism as we know it today is a later development within Anglican history. It is not part of the original Elizabethan settlement and in its current form involves a repudiation of many of the things which I would argue are at the heart of authentic Anglicanism.”
Rev. Mark “Duck” Thompson
Anglican Church League Grand-Poobah-at-Large
Diocese of Sydney, Australia
Just moments after finding this marvelous quote in the comments here, the following picture of one of Dobby’s fellow house-elves mysteriously arrived:

While his identity is unknown, the warm, happy, and welcoming expression immediately identifies him as a Sydney Evangelical clergyman eager to share Calvinist Joy with his international inferiors.

Astute Sinners will also notice he’s wearing Jensen-approved Halloween rags: despite the recent façade of support for ACNA the reality is Mordor has no respect for Anglicans whose heritage extends beyond English Puritanism. Hence for Anglo-Catholics and other “Sub-Christians” there are no treats, just tricks and more tricks. And before Dobby or his fellow Jensen family slaves impudently dare to deny this, take a look at the comments on a later post at Ducky’s blog for an idea of what those courtiers closest to the Jensen throne really feel about Bobby Duncan’s sect:
“You may well be right about the current American situation. I don't really know enough to give a definite opinion - just enough to have my doubts that evangelical Anglicans will have a continuing home in the new arrangement.”
Yep folks; that’s the head of Sydney’s Anglican Church League again. The same gang for whom the Viagravillains are giving thanks and praising God. With friends like that who needs the Vatican?

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Leonard said...

But, but, butt, I thought Henry VIII thought he was a Catholic, just not a Roman one, a English one and he made himself head of the English Catholic silly of me to challenge the great forces of ¨chance change¨ from Sydney...if only they´d been lucky a little longer that wouldn´t be resorting to trying to make a name for themselves by degrading little Bobby Duncans enterprise...nothing worse than listening to ¨jingle sounds¨ in the collection plate where there were only soft rustling noises before...quacks all!

View from the Pew said...

But Fr. Christian, it was not Dr. Thompson who wrote the words you attribute to him (textual critic that I am). Rather it was a comment by Philip Veitch under his post name, "Reformation" made on Dr. Thompson's blog. Actually, Dr. Thompson blunted the hostile assessment of these words in his rejoinder.
So, I wonder, if your premise is invalid does that make your conclusion equally invalid? Or do you have a point in search of a premise?

Point of Order said...


Trick or Treat!!!!

Surely there is room in your heart (or you mind) to understand the artistic/dramatic use by Dr. Christian of the phrase in question. Sure, he could have offered other proofs. But, this one was so juicy.

Never let the facts get in the way of a true story.

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

No,No NO!!! My Dishonest little Duck Defender.

The first quote is point 2 in the fifth comment down - and it's most certainly the Duck quacking.

The second quote is the second paragraph of the second quote down - and once again it's his happy little visage that's next to the comment.

As a textual critic, View from the Pew you have a great career ahead of you in ACNA. Or have you ever considered joining Donny Armstrong's legal team?

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

And BTW everyone, I've already saved screen captures of the relevant pages, so that when the Duck rewrites them (Evangelical "experts" on the Reformation spend a lot of time re-writing history) the original gems will remain preserved for everyone's enlightenment.

Boaz said...

Having read the comments at the Duck's blog I would suggest that some of these people need to get out more, if only to get some fresh air and sunlight.

Point of Order said...

Dr. Christian,

I pray, perhaps you did not perceive the intended target of my ill-aimed barb?

In no way did I intend a defense of the indefensible. This was my feeble attempt to suggest FftP ease up and enjoy the unintended irony that rises like the sulfur smoke from you know where (Sydney if I understand the situation properly).

Under your tutelage and instruction, I hope to be a more keen observer, and to do a better with the slings and arrows.

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

Sorry if I gave the impression that my wrath was directed at you, Point of Order: the intended target was purely the odious little View from the Pew, whom by having falsely accused me of sloppy scholarship, and subsequently proven his heart's deafness to the Spirit's call to repentance, has now earned the title of Deluded Duck Disciple Class A.

Mind you, as I've already intimated, he's more than established his credentials as an ACNA textual critic and academic.