Tuesday, November 11, 2008

... and another one heads South.

It’s a good thing the Nigerians don’t pay little Martyn Minns on a commission-only basis, since it’s been a long time since he last made a sale. With Quincy’s faithful running off to join the valiant Greg of the South, yet another potential conquest has slipped through big Pete Akinola’s munificent fingers.

Perhaps little Martyn’s failures have something to with other areas not sharing Virginia’s proud history of equal rights and opposition to racism, but the sad truth is that in the race to acquire new territory big Pete is now running a very distant second to his decidedly non-African fellow primate, and there’s no question that when it comes to controlling the new "province" which ±Booby predicts is ”very near” and “might come as early as December” Africans are going to have even less say that the Latin Americans who have supposedly nurtured the thing.

One bright side of Quincy’s slide into what one very impressive blogger calls ”The Anglican Land of Make Believe” is what I predict will be the biggest restoration to health since Lazurus (although Lazurus probably smelled better), that of the recently “retired” Bishop Ackerman, who can now run around making all the mischief he wants safe in the knowledge that as a retiree he’s safe from deposition. With cleverness like that the mind boggles at why the word on the street is that describing Quincy’s financial status as “precarious” is like saying Enron became "a little strapped for cash". All of which means the ensuing legal battle will be a good indication of how generous the latest runaways’ friends are feeling. Wonder if the self-proclaimed Emperor of Pittsburgh will toss Quincy's legal team any of the ample diocesan funds he stashed away was loaned interest-free on a basis not a matter of public record?

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Anonymous said...

One wonders what the allure to PB Vacables represents amongst the downtrodden? Surely the lack of success in his ministry in parts of South America isn´t very promising to the ¨strapped¨ dioceses (who will soon be feeling ¨pinched¨).

Perhaps the feardriven Mr. IRD is more interested in promoting religious people that look like him rather than people that look like President Obama? Not to worry, the options of racism, fear/hate and stupidity will carry the Anglican day.

Somehow it tickles my fancy to know, deep down, that the Body of Christ can´t be bought at any price (unfortunately the same can´t be said for destructionist Bishops wearing overtall mitres pulled down over their obsessively greedy/grandiose and thieving unthinking big heads).

Kipper Johnston Nestlewitts

Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

Fr. Dr. Troll,
If we are counting, and why would ++Akinola want to count, it is soon to be ++Venables 4 and ++Akinola 0. With Mr. Duncan coming in to the game as the short reliever there is likely to be a shutout. Ultimately, it will be the Pittsburgh Stealers winning out!

Unknown said...

It is with meek heart and due reverence that I congratulate you on utilizing my updated nomenclature pertaining to bishops, pseudo-bishops, and clergy of the Anglican World (e.g. ±BoobyP). Now it will be absolutely clear when seeing a name in print what their true status is.

I believe furthermore that in the modern world of typography and font control that there may also be the possibility of displaying the subtle distinctions of the person's pecking order in the Anglican world. Thus to completely clarify the status of one such as ±BoobyP, you would need to render it in Comic Sans MS, or possibly Braggadicio in perhaps a size 6 or 8 font, while the Lovely and Talented ABC would require Baskerville Old Face or a Cyrillic font of some kind in, say, an 18 or 24 point font. Perhaps there could even be a Council of Sorting and Assignment to establish ones proper typeface and font size based on the gravitas that said person carries with them.

We can only speculate on who would receive Goudy Old Style and Dingbats as their assigned fonts.

PseudoPiskie said...

Perhaps Akinola's pronouncements lead the Murikans to think he might interfere with their control, er fundraising ability, while the Southern Cone constitution and canons make that impossible?

JimB said...

Actually, Bp. Ackerman is not safe from deposition. Cf. the Bp. Cox case wherein an octogenarian retiree was charged for actions taken after he retired.