Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nashotah House supports lay presidency.

During this past week Viagraville has been conducting a not-so-subtle preliminary election campaign for the über-Calvinist Sydney suffragan Bishop Glenn Davies, who is David Short’s strongest rival in the upcoming race to become Supreme Chancellor of Mordor.

First little Matt Kennedy presented a delightfully sycophantic piece, and then a day or two later Dobby Ould followed this up with another exercise in obsequiousness - although in Dobby’s case it’s more understandable, since the Jensen Ring-wraith is also his own Bishop, and given the precarious state of funding in Dobby’s part of the world as a result of little Peter Jensen’s gambling problem it makes a lot of sense for a curate whose income depends upon a diocesan grant to grovel before his paymaster for all he’s worth.

What neither of them mentioned, however, is that Bishop Davies was also responsible for the resolution that led to Sydney giving the Anglican Communion lay presidency. Not that a little detail like that would have stopped Nashotah house from spending their money on some very nice banner advertisements which have been running just above articles praising someone who considers the Eucharist nothing more than a post-it note.

You may think this incongruous, but actually it shows just how generous the folks at Nashotah really are. After all, when little Peter Jensen’s dreams for ACNA are finally fulfilled there certainly won’t be room for a beautiful historic Anglo-Catholic seminary in the world: the word ‘seminary’ will itself be superseded by the evangelically sounder ‘Bible college’. Besides, plans have already been made to erect an impressively modern pesticide factory on the valuable land currently occupied by a few sacerdotalist lecturers and ordinands, and how dare some traditional-but-homophobic Anglicans think they can stand in the way of progress and profits. Especially given that ACNA’s going to be needing every penny they can grab given the way their attempts at stealing church property are panning out.

No, clearly Nashotah House don’t mind who or what their money promotes, just as long as it doesn’t support anyone not prepared to lie about their sexuality, or who is unwilling to spend their life in the back of a closet. Which is only reasonable: there’s hardly any point worrying about the Sacraments when a GAFCON Bishop and his Stand Firm fan-club have already declared them irrelevant.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Brian R said...

Oh Yes Father, I have often stated that Peter Jensen will be seen as a beacon of reasonableness when compared with what comes after him.

Lapinbizarre said...

Has the Australian Church any control over the Jensen's, Brian?

Lapinbizarre said...

A new SF post from David Ould on the historic episcopate.

Anonymous said...

Many devout Anglicans will welcome the develpments you describe, Father, in relation to Nashota House. Human progrees sometimes necessitates the demolition of a Bible College, to make way for a pesticide factory. Do you know if there are similar plans next door to Moore College?

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

I believe Moore College already is a pesticide factory. The toxicity of their product is without equal.

Thomas Williams said...

Well, I shall be sorry to see Nashotah House become a Bible College. I have fond memories of a week spent there learning how to tie an amice and being introduced to the mysteries of the Warham Guild hood. I believe I am credited with coining the proper term for the protective cover that goes over the monstrance: "monstrance cozy." But the sweeping away of all these relics of papistry -- one assumes that all the chasubles will be burnt -- is a small price to pay to preserve the Church from having to endure the priestly ministry to which God has absent-mindedly called me.

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

We'll all be sorry to see Nashotah House go, Postulant, although the demise would be a lot less probable if they ceased supporting those who are convinced that Christian worship was defined by God in the 16th century.

Incidentally Lapin, I'm wondering if we can consider Dobby's post as the beginning of the Viagraville civil war (aka "The War of Evangelical Aggression") between Catholics and Evangofundies. If so then I dare say future historians will look back to August 2 2009 in the same way that WWI historians view the assassination of the Archduke.

Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

I knew the Jensens were forward looking but a "gay" president? For whom? The Anglcian Church there or for somewehre else?

Lapinbizarre said...

No question that they're not of one mind over there, Fr Troll. And that some of them have a pretty queer idea of what constitutes the Anglican Tradition. "We’ve lost the old identifications of High, Broad and Low and so many people assume that they equate with Anglo-Catholic, Evangelical and Charismatic." The Charismatic Anglican Tradition?

Canon Itchy said...

I've felt for quite some time that Nashotah House could realistically be remodelled so that it could be a joint theme park and an assisted living facility for elderly disgruntled Catholic types. One would hardly notice the difference upon a hasty survey since things would operate as always. Imagine: for a small fee, one could wear a cassock, ring Michael the bell, intone countless psalms, prance about in solemnity and hypocrisy, plus use the library, the beach, the refectory, the gym and the like. Burials would be included in the fee and they'd save tons of money by simply eliminating the academic life. Call Munday or the trustees for your applications and retirement package.

Or in the words of the old Nasty House fight song in the Lavabo Bowl:

On Nashotah!
On Nashotah!
Punch right through that line;
Incense and holy water
Win it all the time;
(Hail, Mary)
On Nashotah!
Sacerdotal! Catholic liturgy
High Churchmanship
Brings us to Victory


Lapinbizarre said...

Charismatic Episcopacy. This blogger, who posts at SF as Brer_Rabbit (no relation) wrote there of the event "Here’s the consecration of Dr. Henry Roberts as a bishop in apostolic succession. He was chief pastor of a black charismaic/pentecostal cluster of churches in Alabama. I assisted my archbishop in this service ..... After Dr. Roberts was consecrated, he ordained the pastors of his satellite churches, and a whole host of deacons." Not everyone, it seems, holds the gift of the Holy Spirit as lightly as Mr Ould does.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Christian, have you seen what Petie Ould is up to now?

Why is he such a dipshit?