Thursday, August 6, 2009

The prodigal Fr. Jake returns!

Just as Our Lord was preceded by St. John the Baptist, so too was the path of my vital internet ministry first prepared by a voice crying in the wilderness. In this instance, however, that Faithful Servant was not only - let’s be frank about this – wiser than he who followed, and invariably less vitriolic, but frequently wrote with a compassion not dissimilar the sweetness of wild honey. Although I know for a fact that he drew the line at eating locusts.

And now – for the benefit of any Dearly Beloved Sinners who don’t already know this – he’s back from the wilderness. Regardless of how desperately little David Virtue may have sought to pretend he’s Salome, and demanded our Prophet’s head on a platter, Father Jake’s cranium remains firmly attached to his neck. And he’s not afraid to use it.

Go there now, and go there often. One cannot live on sarcasm alone.


Unknown said...

I had just discovered the web site when he left it. So I am so glad to see him back.

Robert said...

You can't live on sarcasm alone? That is distressing news.

Point of Order said...

One can't live on chocolate alone either, but, I have some everyday!

Unknown said...

Read post today Aug. 12 at Small cracks revealed in ACNA...we knew they had to be there.