Monday, May 19, 2008

The Blessings of a Penitent Congregation.

The St. Onuphrius’ congregation was a little subdued yesterday. Doubtless they are finding the pressure of seeking forgiveness for the sin of pride in my popularity a strain, which is, of course, all the more reason for them to bow their heads under a cloak of humility. Even my deducting threefold the regular tithes from their bank accounts didn’t cheer them up, so I must search the Scriptures for guidance as to whether I may be pushing them too hard

In the evening Consuella, the serving-maid currently appointed to minister unto my needs in accordance with 1Kings 1:1-3 drew near and whispered that if the Lord were to instruct me to end the staff’s time of fasting she would perform a traditional dance involving a pole and native garments made only from vines, in which she knows I am interested from a purely anthropological perspective.

When I replied that it is only for me to speak on the Lord’s behalf when rebuking others, and not merely in response to those seeking relief from the burdens of their penitence, she grew more expansive. There are, she suggested, within the parish Latina Teens Fellowship a number of young ladies similarly skilled at what appears to be some sort of profession (possible of Roman Catholic) in which girls from her part of heathendom are trained. Should the Scriptures so guide me, she intimated, they would be able to perform their “routines” together in what is referred to in their dialect as a ”group show”.

Since a greater awareness of such matters would also stand as proof of my solidarity with the developing global south, her offer sounded interesting. However, like any wise GAFCON leader, I explained that I must first consult the Scriptures before reaching any conclusion. Nevertheless, I think these may well indicate there is merit in her proposal.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.

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Boaz said...

There are many scriptures that point in the direction your heart is heading Rev Dr. If you have not found them by the morning them your can't really be trying.

Perhaps you could record this group activity as a You-Tube video for the spiritual education/edification of those of us in your world-wide congregation?