Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stand Firm in Faith

Of all Bible-believing internet sites is unquestionably one of the most trustworthy and responsible.

However there is sadly one disturbing indication that the octopus-like tentacles of liberalism are encroaching. While drawing attention to this stain on an otherwise unblemished fortress of Bible Teaching causes me great personal pain, I cannot permit this to go unmentioned:

Stand Firm permits women to teach!

At first this was limited to allowing women to post their “thoughts” in the comments section of articles written by men, but lately women have even been permitted to produce and post articles of their own – in blatant disregard of the Apostle Paul’s clear injunction and practice (Timothy 2:12). The state of the modern church shows exactly where Stand Firm will end up if this trend isn’t reversed, and I urge everyone who takes the Bible seriously to contact and rebuke them for this wilful Scriptural apostasy.

Given the friendly and caring spirit for which the men at Stand Firm are renown I’m sure they will respond positively and with repentance. Soon the women currently nattering away like schoolgirls will once more bring glory to their husbands by quietly absorbing what they read in silence, and obediently wait for an appropriate time in the privacy of their homes to ask their male guardian for the meaning of any big words.

I’m Father Christian, and I teach the Bible.


Gray Wolf said...

What if the women have cojones?

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

Please sir, I must respectfully ask you to not use expressions of a foreign/heathen origin on this site again.

This is a place of Christian teaching.