Friday, May 30, 2008

Even the Notorious Seek Truth

As testimony to the powerful impact my Ask Father Christian ministry is making upon the world of liberal darkness comes this plea for True Bible Teaching from one of the internet’s most notorious figures: the infamous Grandmère Mimi, proprietor of Wounded Bird.

This is a site so contrary to the spirit of GAFCON in its support for notions such as equality (including for women!) and justice that even the scurrilous OCICW feels obliged to warn visitors of the horrors they might find coming forth from this prophetess of New Orleans. Yet even Grandmère Mimi has now been so humbled by my GAFCON Ministry of The Word that she has come to recognize that here may be found Clear Bible Truths in a sea of confusion and post-modern double-mindedness, and she too has come seeking wisdom:

Dear Fr Christian:

My question is short. Are you from the US or the UK?

With all due respect, you and I don't seem to be in agreement on many of the controversial issues in the church today. Just saying.

Grandmère Mimi

Dear Woman

As a Bible-believing Christian I am a citizen of Heaven (Philippians 3:20). This is no doubt incomprehensible to you, but the Scriptures make it perfectly clear that a true Bible teacher resides not in a kingdom of idols (Isaiah 10:10), but in an everlasting Kingdom whose “dominion endureth throughout all generations” (Psalm 145:13). This is an extremely important position no successful Teacher can afford to compromise for taxation reasons alone, and despite having been challenged in a number of fleshly jurisdictions over the years I have never witnessed the Bible’s truthfulness about this matter be defeated – partly of course because I require all significant donations to my work be made in cash if they are to be deemed acceptable in the sight of the Lord.

As there is little sin upon this earth which escapes my attention I am aware that you have been indulging in idle speculation with respect to my spelling and grammar. Truly, your type really are as wise as serpents (Matthew 10:16). Might I have you know that having read the Bible from cover to cover more times than any man alive - in the original language - my very soul is so immersed in the Bible's language that when using words such as “color” or “favour” I cannot help but from time to forget myself and spell them as St. Paul did, rather than using the contemporary language and paraphrasing loved by those of hardened hearts and poor training currently pouring forth from today’s modern apostate liberal churches.

I realise the need to be “all things to all men” (1 Corinthians 9:22), but contrary to appearances I too am only human, and occasionally my immense knowledge and love of the Scriptures breaks through my veneer of missionary concern for those like yourself.

Thank you for sharing your recognition that we disagree on much: this insight comes not of your own “wisdom”, but is instead proof that God has not yet completely abandoned you as lost to eternal torture. The difference in our understanding is not merely because I am a man, but also because I am an internationally respected Scriptural Scholar and Priest. It is only natural for an unrepentant heart to rebel against my words; exactly the same thing occurred in relation to the Apostle Paul’s teaching.(2 Peter 3:15-16). Only when you can learn to quietly accept everything I say in obedient submission will you find yourself ceasing to disagree.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Boaz said...

"..this insight comes not of your own “wisdom”, but is instead proof that God has not yet completely abandoned you as lost to eternal torture."

Rev Dr Christian it is a true mark that you are Bible-based that you can deal so forgivingly with this woman, Mimi. I know her site. There are errors there of the Bible, and more. I try not to frequent it but I confess I am drawn.

Some of what you say in your post is too complex for me but the way you put our your words and that you quote the Bible verses I know you are from God. Thank you for your gift among us.

June Butler said...

Wow! What a long answer to a short question. OK, you're a citizen of heaven. I get it, Fr Christian.

By the way, I notice that I am not on your blogroll. You could have me there as an object lesson in wickedness, someone whose opinions are to be avoided at all cost, if for no other reason.

I try not to frequent it but I confess I am drawn.

Boaz, it's the voodoo.