Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bishop Duncan Clicks "Send"

Like any true GAFCON leader I choose to take St. Paul’s comments on the suitability of members of the fairer sex for ministry out of their original context (although I must say that whoever coined that expression “fairer sex” had never gazed upon some of Brother Richthofen’s young friends from Seminary). Consequently I cannot normally condone anything upon that Kaeton woman’s blog. Yet her latest revelation concerning a leaked email from little Bishop Duncan to what appears to be an admiring nephew is simply too great to ignore. As Bible-believing clergy well know, expediency musts always take priority; and even if this information was made public by a woman it’s still a fascinating insight into what might be euphemistically termed “the mind” of dear Bobbie Pittsburgh.

Those Christians who’ve been paying attention should recall that less than a month ago the Rt. Rev. Duncan was putting himself forward as the new Lord of the Rings, a play which I said at the time would have Big Pete Akinola and his acolytes sharpening their finest machetes to prevent it from succeeding. Fortunately the indaba didn’t need to get that persuasive, and the email shows +Duncan has shifted from seeing the potential new diocese as a stepping-stone back to legitimacy, and is now calling it a “holding tank” which is merely part of a larger conspiracy to eventually reconcile the faithful Bible-believers with those who dare to read Galatians 3:28 as literally as Big Pete reads Levitucus 18:22

Now I’m not a simple man, but this leaves me puzzled. Since everyone knows GAFCON churches are the only ones in the entire Communion not disintegrating, and that God only loves and blesses those who understand that He’s powerless to act in ways not sanctioned by orthodox Christians, surely it’s more a matter of time till the One True and Faithful diocese conquers all the others? Or does Bishop Duncan not have quite as much faith in conservative truisms as he’d like us to realise?

Still, hats off to His Grace for the innovative argument that since a first vote to separate has already been passed in Pittsburgh, Quincy and Fort Worth, and that the constitutionally required second votes are “just weeks away”, there’s no way to abide by a moratorium on border-crossing. It’s been a long time since any Bishop left me laughing till my sides ached, and there’s no doubt even Greggy Venables had tears in eyes ater hearing that one.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Unknown said...

I'm getting very tired of all these references to "Bishop" Duncan. KJS has clearly named me, your humble servant, to the post since he walked away. And if the truth be told, the Diocese of Pittsburgh has never had such a worthy leader as myself, speaking strictly off the record.

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear! Father, don't let the pestilence of our decaying society deter you even one minute from your path of Righteousness, for it is truly the ONLY path! Hallelujah! GAFCON Is The ANSWER!