Friday, August 15, 2008

Singapore; the Orthodox Role Model

I’ve just finished reading a marvellous piece by little Davey Ould arguing that “orthodox Anglicans should look to Singapore and Lee Kuan Yew”, and let me say that I couldn’t agree more.

Not only does Singapore execute more people per head of population than any other nation on earth, but under an inspired piece of legislation called the Internal Security Act, the Singaporean government and its Vicar Superior Lee Kwan Yew, has the right to indefinitely detain anyone they want without any inconvenient obligation to grant them a trial. Naturally this law is only invoked in the case of ungodly evil-doers, such as human–rights campaigners, members of the Opposition, and anyone who thinks they're entitled to free speech, but just imagine what could be achieved if the Anglican world was led by men who saw the Christ-like importance of giving themselves this sort of power? The entire communion could be beaten with the same iron rod as is currently only enjoyed by clergy in Sydney or Nigeria.

Nor does Singapore permit citizens minds to be poisoned by filth and misinformation. The Worldwide Press Freedom Index ranks Singapore at 141 out of 169, and awards them a fine position right between Sudan and Afghanistan; or for another perspective see the 2008 Freedom House Report, which makes it obvious just how right Davey Ould is when he tells us “Lee's actions are an important encouragement for the orthodox in the Anglican Communion”.

Indeed, when speaking of Lee Kwan Yew (whose own defence against accusations of nepotism appears to have come directly from little Peter Jensen), Ould sums up the value system at the core of GAFCON teaching:
“43 years of prosperity for Singapore is more than enough of a testimony to the rightness of his actions.”
What else can be said, except perhaps that wouldn’t it be wonderful if like Singapore we could also cane those who fail to correctly show their appreciation for our Orthodox prosperity?

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


PseudoPiskie said...

I assume the ability to control the news and employ rattan allows the prosperity to more than trickle down to those who run the show in Singapore. Otherwise of what use would it be? Trickles don't help much. Floods are much better for the bottom line.

susan s. said...

Wash your hands and don't chew gum!
Or the cane will meet your bum!