Saturday, August 23, 2008

David Virtue is Unashamed of His Ignorance

It’s been a while since I glanced at any of my “Gathered Brethren” links, since to be perfectly honest I find them less and less interested in providing in useful Biblical teaching, and more and more obsessed with whinging about how unjustly they’ve been treated by the Church to which they no longer wish to belong. Not too mention that unlike my own handsome profile most of them are uglier than two monkeys frotting.

Still, the Lord has called me to know all things, and so it falls upon me to check in on the Brethren from time to time and see if they’ve found anything new to grumble about. What I found today on little David Virtue’s site left me speechless: from once having appeared the most opinionated teacher in Christendom, he now appears to have admitted he’s ignorant of the faith’s most basic facts.

Truly, I say this with no exaggeration: the shocking headline I stumbled across could not have been plainer: "WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A CHRISTIAN?" No apology, no subtlety, just glaring ignorance proclaimed in David’s beloved BOLD CAPITALS.

Truly; I wonder if things get any bleaker than when so-called pillars of the faith don’t know the answer to even this most basic question? In one headline all the years I believed this man to be an Orthodox born-again believer had to be discarded: what kind of an orthodox Christian can’t answer a question like this? The world needs men such as myself who give answers, not who simply know how to ask questions. The least he could have done is make something up, which is what most GAFCON leaders do all the time – but to flaunt one’s ignorance in a headline? And then to still claim one is a Christian conservative leader?

In my book (which in this case is called “Judges” and can be found between Joshua and Ruth) the victorious know what they want and in God’s name they take it. Somebody needs to tell David Virtue that if the Lord wanted us to listen to a wishy-washy conservative in a liberal’s frock He’d have told us to read blogs like Baby Blue. Were it not for men like Bishop Akinola, whose decisive leadership has made Nigeria a spiritual example for Christians throughout the west I fear I alone would be left to provide the answers.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Thomas Williams said...

Learned Father,

I have been hesitant to intrude myself upon your notice, since I am a notorious liberal. But having derived so much profit (spiritual, alas, not fiscal) from your teachings, I must profess myself dismayed that one of your brethren, to whom a lost soul such as myself might have looked for guidance in the ways of orthodoxy. If Mr Virtue (and really, there has been no more apt name since Anselm of Canterbury talked theology with his friend Boso) cannot say with certainty what it means to be a Christian, all is truly lost. I may be driven back to the dangerous teaching of my own sodomite-ordaining bishop, who at the recent Lambeth gathering proclaimed (surely falsely, as we all know that liberals have suffered shipwreck in their "faith") that he went so far as to believe in the virginal conception of Our Lord and his bodily resurrection.

Thomas Williams said...

And now I truly must apologize, for there is an incomplete sentence in my earlier comment. You see the depths of distress into which I have been plunged; I cannot even complete a thought.

JimB said...

I should think Dr. Virtue has hit the bullseye with his question. Clearly neither he nor most of his posters know the answer. :-)