Wednesday, September 3, 2008

GAFCON Geography

Susan S., a sweet soprano of superlative sagacity asked a question in yesterday’s comments which tore at my heartstrings, for it illustrated perfectly how apostate liberals have been hiding GAFCON’s refreshing clarity from faithful children like her. She asked:
I am afraid that I do not know the differences(if any) between The Southern Cone, The Global South, and The misnamed (I'm sure) GAFCON.
The answer to this is, of course, simplicity itself, and I believe GAFCON geography to be a powerful tool for evangelism which should eventually see countless numbers won for orthodoxy, and possibly even some for Christ.

The first thing to understand is that “The Southern Cone” and “The Global South” refer to the same thing, unless one is talking about the Province of the Southern Cone, which is distinct from the Southern Cone, which is another name for the Global South, of which the Province of the Southern Cone is a part.

Of the two, only the Southern Cone Province is based in the southern hemisphere, as the Global South is based either in Nigeria or wherever Martyn Minns has plugged in his notepad. With 6 parishes in Vancouver, the Southern Cone’s influence extends further north than that of the Global South, which does, however, have a stronger presence in North America, particularly in the south. Most of the north is not in the south, although the majority of the south is still in the north. Pittsburgh is soon expected to move south, after which it will be south of Atlanta, which is firmly in the north.

The pattern throughout the rest of the world is not dissimilar. In Africa most of the North East is in the south, while South Africa is in the north. In Australia, which is south of everywhere except New Zealand (which is in the north), dioceses to the south of Sydney are in the north, while Sydney is a highly influential member of the Southern Cone, although has no intention of realigning with the Southern Cone. The diocese of Northwest Australia is in the global south, like Singapore to the north, which is also in the south. The United Kingdom is almost exclusively in the north, although groups like “Reform” claim to be in the south, and have begun accusing the northern Bishop of Durham, who was once firmly seen as in the south, as having sold out to the north.

GAFCON, on the other hand, tried to present itself as neither north nor south, although the majority of those attending travelled south from the north to do so. From the Jerusalem conference there emerged a clear sense of identification with the south, which was of no surprise to the north. As a result GAFCON decided to call itself “FOCA”, which has since been changed to “FCA” so that the north will stop making rude jokes. It is open to Christians from everywhere, although only those from the south (including those living in the north) would want to join, and leadership is limited to a few southern primates, all of whom are eager to move north while staying in the south.

See how much simpler it all is than the old system, in which diocese and provinces were constructed purely upon regional, national, and continental lines?

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

Dear Fr. Christian,
Thank you for clearing this whole mess up. To be honest, I thought FOCA was an act against the commandments, as in "Oh, FOCA!". I will now have to go back and correct my vocabulary to reflect this new found knowledge. I could not understand how they could be against some of those issues but still carry on insisting that everyone FOCA. It seemed genuinely two-faced. This is exactly the type of enlightenment I get when I am here and I am proud to read and learn from your vast knowledge. I would like to send you a "little contribution" where might I do that?

Pierre Wheaton said...

Such clarity, such erudition (am I using that word right?), such wisdom!!!

Only a man of true righteousness such as yourself can explain such complex truths in a childlike manner so that I, a fuzzy headed liberal can understand them. I, too would like to send a small gift in support of your mimistries. Should I use the usual procedure? i.e. small, unmarked bills delivered alone to a few of Consuella's relatives, along with the usual "handling fees?"

PseudoPiskie said...

"I see," said the blind man as he tripped over the hammer and saw.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Troll
Could you explain it again?

Erika Baker said...

I can see clearly now! It's very like being left and right in politics, where those to your left may be to the right of you and vice versa.

I like it when things are simply black or white, left or right, north our south. Makes life so much more straight forward!

Now could you tell me what a southern minded individual in a northern parish could do to align himself with the righteous?
I'm envisaging a kind of lanyard system, with different colours for diocesan, parish or personal affiliation for easy identification of right believing Christians. As long as it doesn’t come out as rainbow....

Leonard said...

Oh great one, I can see clearly, now.

Brother David said...

Your exegesis is in error. There is no Diocese of the Southern Cone. There is a Provincia Anglicana del Cono Sur de América, which when translated from the true Spanish is Anglican Province of the Southern Cone of America. This province consists of 7 dioceses, and two imaginary dioceses, none of which is named the Diocese of the Southern Cone; Diócesis de Argentina (Diocese of Argentina), Diócesis de Argentina Norte (Diocese of Northern Argentina), Diócesis de Bolivia (Diocese of Bolivia), Diócesis de Chile (Diocese of Chile), Diócesis de Paraguay (Diocese of Paraguay), Diócesis de Perú (Diocese of Peru), Diócesis de Uruguay (Diocese of Uruguay) and the imaginary dioceses; Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin (USA) and Diocese Anglicana do Recife (Anglican Diocese of Recife).

If you are in error in such a small thing, how might we trust you with bigger things?

susan s. said...

Oh, thank you profusely, Father Christian!
I am sure I understand it all. That is I think I understand it all... Or maybe I understand it all...
Well I do know that I surrender all.

A check will be arriving in the mail, or by pony, or donkey, soon.

Gratefully yours,

I remain a fuzzy headed liberal soprano

Cany said...

Well, since you have cleared THIS up (my compass went crazy in the description, but who cares where polar north is, right?) can you clear something up for me? I have asked this of others, several times, and have never gotten an answer.

WHAT exactly IS a confessing Anglican (as in FCA)?

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

Now, now David, my favorite foreigner, there’s no need to start bothering everyone with details. Diocese, Province or Barrio – it should all be the same to a GAFCON Christian, who should understand that if God wanted any of us to think he’d have given us the brains to do it with. Still, since nomenclature is important to those who fail to gasp the big picture, or whom for reasons I cannot begin to comprehend resent being dismissed in broad bigoted statements by their superiors of the south to the north, I have amended the language which may have caused you as a lesser brother to stumble upon the truth of my teaching.

And I’ll have you know that nobody who’s entrusted me with their bigger things has ever gone home disappointed. Just ask some of Brother Richthofen’s friends from Seminary, or Consuella’s former colleague with the spectacular enhancements courtesy of Tijuana’s finest cosmetic surgeon.

Cany: Very good question. I shall give it some thought as soon as I finish reminiscing about all the big things of which David has reminded me.

LKT said...

I just think it's a good thing that in Christ there is no East or West, or I'd be really confused.

Brother David said...

I am profoundly happy to continue to provide the fodder for your treatises!

Brian R said...

As a person with a humble degree in Geography who taught this most estimable subject to spotty teenagers for 30 years, I think you should be nominated for a doctorate in the subject at least. If I had proclaimed such wisdom, I am sure my students would have sat in open mouthed silence which would have been a great improvement on the usual response.

Doorman-Priest said...

Now why didn't someone explain that before?

Robert said...

No one can explain anything with clarity and spiritual dimensions provided by God's Greatest Doctrinal Warrior.