Monday, August 11, 2008

Talking about God's work...

“I hear they're just busy doing God's work. They don't talk about sex every day.”

Of all the alarming things I’ve heard said about the Anglicans of New Hampshire, this one has probably made me most distressed. Uttered by Bishop Adams of Central New York in an interview with, it epitomizes the appalling depths to with the church has sunk, and the pitiful lack of biblical awareness among those professing to be our leaders.

Call me old fashioned, but how anyone can claim to pastor the flock without displaying a prurient interest in their sex life is simply beyond me. Just look at my “gathered brethren” links in the sidebar to the left – do any of them ever go a day without talking about sex? More’s the point, how can someone possibly be “busy doing God’s work” if they’re not spending at least half their waking hours obsessively discussing what others do with their genitalia. And what on earth is there to talk about instead? Does Bishop Adams honestly expect little Kendall Harmon could churn it out day in, day out, without talking about sex? Doesn’t he realise that without at least one daily stab at someone's sexuality David Virtue’s place would nothing more than a few Bible verses and a whole lot of grumbling?

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Anonymous said...

It's called obsessive compulsive sexual discussion (OCSD) - a new psychoanalytical category. At least they have a clear vision.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Troll,

It could also be called an obsessive compulsive genital discussion disorder (OCGDD). Think about all the possibilities of inventing new psychological disorders. Wow!

Thank you for alerting your readers about how to encourage orthodox ministry.

Your faithful reader.

Cany said...

Amomg the bright lines of GAFCON/FOCA (e.g. plain reading of the Bible, use of 1662 PB, etc.) I think you just pointed out one they fogot: Talk about sex every day. It's like a spiritual muti-vitamin.

Honestly, you really must bring this to the attention of the good +Akinola et. al. I know they would appreciate it and would correct their baseline requirements with great haste!

MadPriest said...

Yeah, like our congregations turn up every Sunday to listen to us rabbiting on about Jesus or something equally naff. Who does Bishop Adams think is going to pay our wages if the people who now pay them discover they can get their kicks for far less effort by staying at home and Googling "free porn" on their computers? I despair!

Anonymous said...

Someone has to keep J Mark Brewer in business in his sale of books of a doubtful nature. To persecute Christians, you need both a lawyer and a daily diet of porn to see what a Christian actually does in his spare time.