Friday, May 15, 2009

ACNA's professional: Root.

Out of special consideration for the appallingly vulgar sense of humour possessed by Australians, New Zealanders, and young men in various working-class parts of Belfast, Monkey-Designate Duncan has announced the appointment of his sect’s first Chief Operating Officer: Brad B. Root.

It appears his primary task will be raising money which I fear may prove harder (you lot down there – Stop laughing!) than he anticipated, given even the delightfully supine Sydney synod will find it difficult to accept little Pete giving money for a Root (I wont warn you all again!)

Even so, all reports of this Root are that he is indeed very good (You’ve heard me!), and I for one can’t begin to say how promising it is to learn ACNA is financially Rooted (ENOUGH!).

I’m Father Christian and I’m ashamed of some of the people who visit here.


Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

Hence, ACNA has a sense of the "root" of all evil.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Duncan, of the Continuing Church Association, will get his money for his coronation (somewhere in know Texas, the Country of Texas) enthronement from someone/somewhere living in fury and terror...I wonder if those attending this corny display of how far ¨nervous nelly sexual yearnings¨ will NOT take them AWAY from facing their own, that´s right, own it fellow heathen, devilments and prejudices? All the embrodery placed on men in the world won´t cover up fear, the ¨ick factor¨ and loathing and hate. You can put a mitre on BD but it doesn´t guarantee the he-be-gee-bee´s will go away...I wonder if this group of queerfearing groupies are actually qualified to lead real men?

¨Buddy¨ Zealburt Prunewhip

June Butler said...

I’m ashamed of some of the people who visit here.

As well you should be, Fr Christian. They have the mentality of 12 year old boys and are unworthy of your attention - except, of course, for disciplinary purposes.

Anonymous said...

Is this Root chap any relation of the Henry Root, whose letters (was it really so long ago) came with a welcome fiver attached?