Monday, May 11, 2009

Yeah Baby!!!

Naturally I was invited to address little Chuck Murphy's AMiA Winter Conference, but unfortunately I'd already arranged to stay home and wash my hair.

Still, members of the St. Onuphrius' ministry team attended on my behalf, and it's obvious the faux-Rwandan boys really enjoyed the presentation from Consuella's Pole-dancers Fellowship.

I'm Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Thomas Williams said...

My dear Fr Christian, I am obviously not a good enough Anglican or Bible-believer to recognize the liturgical season indicated by those most remarkable stoles. Is it, perhaps, Extraordinary Time? I await your explanation.

Anonymous said...

Hey Father Christian. Are you impressed by the sheer hatred of +Gene Robinson expressed in this thread on Viagraville? Unfortunately Mr Griffith's most excellent smear has been exposed because of his amateur googling ability. The free compassion-ectomy offered to all Viagravillains has obviously proved popular! Mr Griffith's has yet to appear and make his promised (and, no doubt grudging and qualified) apology:

Another Fishy Tale from Bishop Robinson

Anonymous said...

It´s hard to imagine the depths of insanity these queer-haters often go to to please the ++head dorks of corrupt African sects...interestingly they all look like doubledeckedout (some triple) self-loathing fruitcakes to me...personally, I like my Men more grounded and able to carry-off colorful, and sometimes brilliantly accessorized, religious trappings...there is a certain unhealthy and very disturbed looking glint in them eyes as picture above...ah, any excuse at all to cover collective, and individual, fear and hate and angle/wrestle for a mitre of the bloodtainted kind is a cause for great spectacle.

Have these blokes had their annual/anal Rabis shots?

Captain Billford Heavyweight, Retired

Anonymous said...

I bet these stoles are woven from two different kinds of fabric (at least): an abomination!

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

Postulant: The stole on the right is actually a vestment created in support of Gay Pride - a mischievous man-lace salesman sold it to the faux-Rwandan by claiming the rainbow represented God's promise that he too might someday become a "Bishop".

The stole on the left was made from the fabric remnants of a 70s sofa to which the wearer was deeply attached - albeit in a rather unhygienic way.

Anonymous: I have indeed been following that thread - and to be perfectly frank find that it leaves even me lost for words.

Of course little Melanie won't be able to bring himself to making an apology, however. He's still too shaken over the fact that his "supporters" would rather spend their money on ammunition for shooting tin-cans down at the 'range than on rewarding him for all the hard work of providing them with an alternative to seeking therapy for their problem with aggression.

david virtue's bountiful bosom said...

The priest with his hand up looks like he's about to launch into a drag performance.

Lapinbizarre said...

Is that Dick Cheney in the rainbow stole?