Friday, May 22, 2009

Jumpin' Don Armstrong takes 20 counts.

Just to hand thanks to one of my dearly beloved sinners is the news that little layman Don Armstrong has been indicted to face trial by a Grand Jury for a meagre 20 counts of felony theft charges.

This is the kind of nit-picking by apostate liberals that really gets me angry. After all, it’s not as if the matter involved swiping hundreds of thousands of dollars or anything (alright, so it actually does, but let’s not bother with details when they’re potentially inconvenient). If you ask me this whole thing is just a trumped-up attempt to destroy the reputation of a perfectly respectable defrocked Priest. And what’s more, for a reasonable percentage of the funds in question I’d be more than happy to give evidence on layman Donald’s behalf, which would include a glowing testimonial as to the quality of his character, in addition to the fabrication of any exonerating material the defence counsel may deem necessary.

Speaking of which, I do hope the man those of us in GAFCON’s upper echelons call “the Colorado Cash-Converter” gets himself better lawyers than the ones who failed to help him steal his former parish buildings. I know that since Johnnie Cochran left us to try his schtick on a higher Court things haven’t looked the same for the legally-misunderstood, but since little Don has “allegedly” swiped more than half a million there shouldn’t be much problem affording some other fancy mouthpiece: my recommendation is that he gets someone with plenty of mafia experience - that way they won't feel uncomfortable when any of little Don's CANA friends drop around for a play-date. And just to be on the safe side he should make certain they run with the Chewbacca Defense.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Leonard said...

Oh my. Pants down. Collar pulled. Martyns Minnsed Meat. Akinolian Guitar playing Jellyfish Blues. IRD Faints and Fluffs and Donnie still huffs and puffs...what to do, or what to do?

I suggest the really ¨sucked into this mess¨ folks admit your wrongs quickly, confess/turn yourselves in, repent, scream and get free of these theiving examples of a egodriven catastrophe.

Does joining CANA mean having to get thrown in the CAN?

David G. said...

Boop Boop Be Doop!!

Thomas Williams said...

"After being booked, fingerprinted, jailed and bailed out on Thursday, Armstrong returned to St. George's to preside over the evening Ascension Day service."

Honestly, is there any greater manifestation of serving the Lord than celebrating Ascension Day mass while out on bail? As a priest, I am humbled -- humbled, I tell you -- by this sterling example.

Fydor said...

Why is this blog and the posters here so nasty? Is that intentional?

Joan Lucia-Treese said...

FINALLY...FINALLY...FINALLY!! For those of us who live in CS and have had to endure this "priest," may justice finally be served!!! Of course the kool-aid drinkers at St. George's Anglican Church still thinks he walks on water!

JimB said...

Mr. Armstrong enjoys the presumption of innocence under our law. So at this moment he remains a defendant and not a convicted felon.

What I think this really kills is the often repeated canard that the only reason he has had a problem is that the evil Bp. Katherine is out to get him. As much as she might want to preside over his execution, she has absolutely no influence over Colorado secular judicial processes.



Brother David said...

I suggest that Mr. Armstrong not take the stand in his own defense. The judge who presided over the property case was not at all impressed with his honesty during his testimony in that case.

Leonard said...

Nasty? You´ve not seen nasty? Nasty is when ¨religious¨ people exploit and harm followers, spread fear and hate and generate ¨opportunities¨ for their purse and egos to expand...all at the expense of the not-so-innocent ones who stand firmly on their stubborn bigotry...that´s nasty!

david virtue's bountiful bosom said...

Check out the official statement of Armstrong's personality cult, um, church. These people are nothing if not brazen, in the best GAFCON fashion, but I can't help but wonder if it is a good legal strategy to accuse the Colorado judicial system of being an agent of the homosexuals.

A Grand Jury, which serves as a tool for the Police and Prosecutors, has issued an indictment against Father Armstrong for the long standing accusations of the Bishop of Colorado against him.

As representatives for the vestry leadership of the parish we are grateful this lengthy investigation is now concluded and that we will, after over three years of accusation, be able to defend our priest and ourselves from these untruths.

We are undaunted by these attempts to silence our parish's stand for biblical truth and find ourselves in God's economy to be thriving under these constant attacks by the Episcopal Church.

We are looking forward to having a judge and jury determine the merits of these allegations and are confident in the ultimate outcome. We know from our own thorough investigation that Father Armstrong has done nothing wrong and will be found innocent. We are equal to the task of setting the record straight.

We are grateful that the individuals with financial oversight, responsibilities, and check writing authority through the years from both churches have not been indicted.

While this case is pending, the church will function as normal and continue preaching and teaching the good news of God in Jesus Christ; the rector and the parish will not be silenced in speaking out on theological issues and being advocate for Christian orthodoxy.

As Christians we are called not to enter into these sorts of processes against one another, and so we will not initiate investigations or seek prosecutions on those who disagree with us or have had financial authority over the years, especially the 1990's, including those who remained Episcopalians and have advocated for this investigation against our rector.

While the theological split and our departure from the Episcopal Church is now permanent, our church welcomes others to worship with us, including those with liberal viewpoints who have engaged in our persecution.

Joan Lucia-Treese said...

Lots of kool-aid drinkers in Donnie's church!

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

You Unlettered Small-Knowing Soul!!!
My parishioners are, like me, NEVER "nasty" as you so ignorantly insult them. They're Biblical - something you've obviously never encountered in the liberal den of iniquity in which you wallow.

You want to see "nasty"? How about trying here or here or here.