Monday, June 9, 2008

Aliens in Our Midst.

From “Stargazing in San Joaquin” comes this cry for Bible assistance:

One time back in 1974 I saw a UFO and think it was real. The Vatican says it's okay to believe in aliens from outer space, although there is yet no evidence that they truly exist. Some say they're already here and will attend the GAFCON conference. If this is so, are you planning to attend?
Dear Stargazing in etc,
Experiences such as this are not uncommon among the children of hippies, and with a name like yours it’s safe to assume all manner of substances were floating around the air of your childhood home. Consequently I can’t advise you to be too certain about anything you saw back in 1974. Neither was H.R. Pufnstuf a real person, no matter what your parents may have told you.

Still, looking at some of the happy throng preparing to meet in Jerusalem one can be forgiven for thinking aliens have landed and minister among us. This is, however, only an illusion. The beings that have you confused are actually Australians: they only appear strange because they are all related.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Anonymous said...

Fr. Christian. You reference a very personal concern. Recently one of our most enthusiastic congregants has requested the vestry provide a 5% matching contribution to his lay ministerial education. Our rector is very enthusiastic about his project and would like the vestry to seriously consider the match as he our candidatd will be attending the Jensen Bros. School for Laymen--Online. and, on completion of his studies, (3hours) and payment of fees, hon , will be well able to relieve him of so many of the mundane tasks of ministry,--- particularly on Sunday. Have you had experience with Jensen Bros.? EPfizH

Unknown said...

Hey, wait a minute, some of my best friends are Australian Shepherds!

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

My apologies dear Clumber - I was speaking of the human Australians. Since the Canine Australians are not grossly inbred the same problems do not apply.

EPfizH: Alas I have had little contact with that splendid family: although they appear dreadfully puritan in their dress and manner, they have indeed taken the art of hating their fellow humans to heights unimagined by even Calvin himself - and for this reason alone I eagerly await the moment when we finally can all get together and swap notes on ways of inducing guilt in those less important than ourselves.