Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Teaching on a Sensitive Subject

Let’s be perfectly clear about one thing, I believe in the Bible and have never in my life voted Democrat. Neither did my dear departed Father: right up until the day he was accidentally killed while playing with his collection of handguns (and to think that my sister – the wanton Jezebel - tried to suggest that his dementia was too far advanced for him to own firearms!). Indeed, he was never even so much as able to say the name ‘Democrat’ without spitting. Which was, of course, why Mother forbade him listening to NPR in the kitchen.

Therefore the announcement of some young upstart as the Democrat candidate is, from the Bible’s perspective, irrelevant. Everyone knows the Bible teaches John McCain will be the next President (Luke 11:21 - although be careful to not place this verse in context by continuing onto v.22 ), and he certainly has in the past displayed a an attitude to women in keeping with the people of Judges

I know that as a Democrat this new contender should be simply cast from my mind, yet something brings him to my attention, and I’m not ashamed to say GAFCON men and women know what that something is. Now please understand, let it never be said that the Reverend Doctor Christian Troll is a racist. I’ve never denied the fact that the sixty-eight year old boy who mows the Rectory lawns is fine example of his race, and for many years his wife performed a fine job of cleaning and washing my laundry until I discovered I could hire an illegal Hispanic immigrant to perform the same job for a fraction of her wage. No sir, I will not have a word of criticism levelled against me in that regard, and I am proud to have a man of color serving as part of my domestic staff.

Yet Democrats clearly can’t understand that being President is very different to being a Bishop, and in any case they clearly haven’t a man of Martyn Minns’ capability to help with writing letters - so what on earth do they think they’re doing?? Still, given their alternative was a woman

Now I realise that today I’ve addressed difficult issues, and that I’ve said things and raised points that have no doubt caused offense. Some people may even be feeling disturbed – even though, as I’ve shown from the Scriptures, it is all an entirely hypothetical matter. Even so, I make no apologies. Sometimes a Teacher of God must lead his people to confront difficult matters head on, and deal with things which make them feel uncomfortable or uneasy. If that involves saying the word Democrat then so be it.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Anonymous said...

aha, a clue. Fr Troll, you're slipping. Mentioning never voting Democratic and NPR locates Ichabod Springs in the USA. We'll find you, one way or another

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

See Matthew 13:13 & John 4:44

And especially for you, jcd:
Psalm 92:6

MadPriest said...

Father Christian
I was wondering if you could spare time to give us your wisdom on how, in these politically correct, times you approach the question of the inherent superiority of "certain types of people" over other "types" of people, in public prayer. I ask this as we will, at my church, obviously be wanting to pray that a "certain type of person" never enters the "certain type of people" HOUSE.