Friday, May 1, 2009

You’re a bad boy, Archbishop Mokiwa.

I can’t imagine how I missed this gem – which I reproduce verbatim - from little Christopher Seitz the first time I read the emails:

“PS--please can we pray about what it means for +Tanzania to take a big chunk of money and,effectively, use is to buy an airplane ticket to London to meet with Gafcon. This is despicable and cannot be left without response and of a serious sort.”

What the dear lad expected the Titan of Tanzania to do with the money I’m not sure: doesn’t he realise that +Mokiwa is a GAFCON Primate, and jetting around the globe is the sole purpose of their existence? And surely "pray" as used here is a typo: clearly what little Christopher meant to say was "bitch".

No, even though one can’t help finding this very, very funny (unless, perhaps, you’re +Tanzania) there is a sad side: compare the cutting edge insight and phrasing of Chris Seitz with this piece by the terrible fellow who had the hide to shine a light on the charming way the Anglican Communion Institute operate (and speak about their fellow-travellers when they think nobody’s listening).

My dear sinners, the truth is that if the light of Christ continues to shine through Apostate Liberals and their forsaken Church in the way it does through Father Harris I fear they might all be around for a lot longer than the level-headed prognostications of the gang at Viagraville have led us to believe. The whole thing's so stressful that it's enough to make a man threaten to give his allies a good spanking...

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Robert said...

How do I become a GAFCON primate so I can fly around all the time. It sounds like a fun job!

Anonymous said...

Dear Robert

Please submit your request to Howard Ahmanson Jr...he´ll, no doubt, get back to you quickly...afterall, you AND Sarah Palin! Wow!

Theodora Ruth Hamstead

Frank Remkiewicz aka “Tree” said...

The 1928 prayer book? What an apostate! The Anglican Communion is ONLY allowed to use the 1662 prayer book. These are imposters and must be removed from thier property and then the remaining people will apply to the Southern Cone where Greggy non-Veritables will make them all very happy -- for a small down payment and low monthly payments.