Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bishop Ackerman Reaches for Bigger Things

News has just came to hand that Bishop Keith Ackerman of the Diocese of Quincy has suddenly tendered his resignation, which will be effective as of this coming Saturday.

In response to which it seems appropriate to share this very special photograph that I've been saving for an occasion such as this. Believed to have been taken at Lambeth earlier this year, it shows the imminent retiree of Illinois and one of his fellow warriors against the wicked west. And no, it isn't a Photoshop special.

...just a little touch
For some reason I can't quite understand Brother Richthofen and his friends find it hilarious. Readers can reach their own conclusions, but it's probably better we don't hold a caption competition.


Fred Schwartz said...

Fr. Christian,
I am amazed at your restraint you could have made a king's ransom if you held a caption contest and charged a mere $1.00 per entry.

Pierre R. Wheaton said...

I totally agree Father Christian. Where's your entrpreneurial spirit? This would fill the parish coffers much quicker and with a much more plentiful bounty than merely inflicting Evangelical Eric with the Stigmata.

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

You are both, of course, quite correct, but given that everyone at Stand Firm and Nahum 3:6 are claiming that one of the main reasons for his resignation is a profound unwillingness to be involved in the court cases which must invariably follow a vote by Quincy to realign, my feeling is he'd sending his lawyers around before any of us have time to blink.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

merely inflicting Evangelical Eric with the Stigmata¨ Lucky Pierre

There you go again.

What do you mean by, merely?

Obviously both you and Fr. Christian ought revisit this.

Fred Schwartz said...

Clearly a "prayer warrior" hard at work.

MadPriest said...

Oh my goodness! It is true.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Well, and it wouldn't surprise me if the Viagraville crowd isn't half right. He may well be a person who likes to stir the pot of feces and then leave the room when it starts to smell!

But what makes him think he wouldn't be subpoenaed in such things, I don't know.

As for the caption, here's my dollar and "Can I pet that? Is that really what a Glory Pole looks like?

johnieb said...

Medical people and their sense of modesty; I'm blushing.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

johnieb, after all your recent experiences with the medical world, you mean you actually have some modesty left? You, sir, are a saint!