Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dream On, Duncan.

Following on from yesterday’s homily featuring little Bobby Duncan and his interview in Christianity Today there’s one other aspect that struck me as fascinating – his presumption that the hypothetical new diocese’s top job will be his.

As the Dunkster’s crystal ball sees things, he’ll be wearing the big hat in a diocese that’s a subset of Greggy Venable’s province, and which unites all things GAFCON and North American in one big happy ball o’ snakes. Naturally this North American Archbishop would be an honorary monkey for the purposes of the GAFCON Primate’s Council, with the same voting rights as not only his conehead Primate, even the same as Big Chief Akinola himself.

There’s nothing new about this grand vision. Bobby was sharing his ambitions with anyone who’d listen back in late July. Yet folks might also remember that this generous offer of a bright new Duncan-colored future was at the time met with deafening silence from the senior Gafconeers, and the passing of a few months doesn’t seem to have rendered anyone more loquacious on the subject. Sure, they’re all terribly sorry at what’s happened, and delighted the departing Pittsburghers have asked him back, but no one’s breathed a peep about Bobby being the new Right Reverend America and joining the other firsts-among-equals. Except him, of course.

Perhaps this is has something to do with the persistent rumours that Greggy Venable’s decision to break solidarity with the other boycotters and grab himself all the cucumber sandwiches’ and champagne he could find at Lambeth has left him regarded as less than trustworthy by his fellow schismatics. Or maybe it’s because ++Akinola, who’s never been known to decline the offer of a bit more territory being added to his empire, is growing increasingly insulted by the number of realigners passing up on the irresistible offer of a future under his experienced Nigerian leadership in favour of Venable’s relatively inconsequential Anglo-South American hospitality. Combine this with the insult of his very own anointed representative Minns receiving the same cold shoulder from Canterbury as was shown to Bishop Gene Robinson, and ++Akinola’s reported to be taking things even more personally than usual.

A new North American diocese led by Duncan under the Southern Cone will effectively end African territorial ambitions. Giving the leader of this diocese, who’s status will in African GAFCON eyes be at best that of a Nigerian suffragan, a voice and vote equal to that of Big Pete’s will be interpreted as a colonial insult of unimaginable proportions. Combine this with Jensen’s knowledge that his money can buy him all the influence he wants in a meeting in Uganda, but to North Americans like Duncan he’ll still at the end of the day only ever be a crazy nepotistic little Calvinist Puritan from Down Under, and Big Pete can rest assured his bruised ego will have whatever money it needs to be protected from further affront. Bobby Duncan can prophesy all he wants, but it’ll never happen.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Fred Schwartz said...

Do you mean that the first, bravest, most best ex is going to cowtow to the second least favorite ex in these here USofA?

Fred Schwartz said...
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Dăhvēd Ặūstēn Ặyān Sācōr said...

Beloved Trollodite,
I have a slight different take on the machinations of little Bobby Duncan. I do not think the plan is to lead a North Am diocese attached to las Cabezas desde la Tierra del Cono and cowtow to Vacables.

The real intent is for the Gang of Africa to declare recognition of a new & improved North Am province with Little Bobby simultaneously recognized in flagrante delicto as primus inter pares of this corpus delicti.

Then +La Gallina would gather all of los pollitos under her wings; CCP, CANA, AMiA, etc., and all the formerly little white bishops of Africa, of said conglomeration, would honorably cowtow to Little Bobby!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Meanwhile, the biggest, and sneaky, Snake Charmer of the whole rotting lot is waiting for his chance to strike...strike it Rich? Blowup bigger than the Hindenberg? Get more LOFTY than a than a skydiver dropping into the Grand Canyon? Prancing better than Budweiser horses in HEAT? Yes, it´s the grinning LGBT liespewing Henri Orombi who hates ¨foreigners¨ so much he´s become a undersireable version of one in The United States...but wait, Akinola is certain to spewhimself OUT, and what cager fear/hate-monger will slip right in? Yes, Henri Orombi for Bigotdent!

I love it when criminal minds gang together and think they are promoting religion, being humble, suffering, albeit visicious-theiving, victims of the manufacturing of their own disgrace and stupidities...meanwhile bowing and scraping to oneanother and promoting silly and grandiose bigshot many backs will be patted until the knives are plunged in?

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

Welcome back young Dahveed, our prayers were with you in your recent illness (I even had Evangelical Eric fasting in supplication on your behalf) and it's good to see you've survived what was undoubtedly a Liberal plot on your life.

There is indeed much wisdom in your scenario, and I think it is much closer to the reality of Bobby's blueprint than what he's telling the rest of us. Yet I still don't think Big Pete will take kindly to having his emissary side-stepped. In his mind he’s the West’s great hope and saviour, and I don’t believe he’s willing to concede that role to anyone. – and if he can’t be America’s No.1 Christian then it’s going to be one of his boys keeping the seat warm for him.

Leonardo’s point about Orombi is a valid one, however, and there’s no question he’d also like more North American territory. While he lacks the muscle to pull it off in the Primate’s Council on his own against Venalballs, he’s more than willing to form a coalition with his big Nigerian friend which probably could hold off their worst fear – the North American schism being overseen solely by North Americans.

Either way I predict bloodshed…..