Friday, July 10, 2009

'B033' - Shorthand for "Shut up and stay hidden".

Well little Matt Kennedy and his upright friends have finally got what they went to Anaheim for; at last the talk has turned to matters involving the old rubbity-tug. Doubtless you can also feel the Viagravillains’ frisson of excitement wherever you may be reading this, because we can feel it reaching all the way to us here in Ichabod Springs.

The euphemism apostate liberals have used for their shame is “B033”, which for the benefit of anyone not as obsessed with this crucial issue as the ostensible heterosexuals at Viagraville, refers to a resolution from the 2006 General Convention, urging those who must consent to the election of a bishop not to do so if his or her "manner of life" might increase division in the Communion.

Now I’ve always loved the expression “manner of life”; something about it conveys distain, rejection and an image of piously pursed lips in a way that “flaming queer” can never do. The importance of preserving this sort of language in the Church cannot be overstated. What’s more it has served so well as a tool to keep the broader communion together: just look at the way religious leaders from all the really functional African nations – like Nigeria or Rwanda – were so eager to share communion with the Episcopalians at Lambeth. Given this resolution has proved so successful I can’t for the life of me see why anyone should want to do away with it.

Further there’s no denying that Conservatives like little Bobby Duncan (or Matt Kennedy, for that matter) have kept their end of the bargain with regards to a moratorium on people whose “manner of life” could upset such bastions of Anglican stability as big Pete Akinola or little Pete Jensen – I mean it’s not as if they’ve left to join a new sect or anything. So how dare the apostates in TEC think B033 has passed it’s use-by date – even if that might have been several years before it was originally passed in 2006.

Normally I’d encourage everyone to follow the accurate, unbiased and delightfully histrionic coverage of this matter on Baby Blue Online, but I recently realized she is in fact a woman, and so would hate to cause any of my brethren to stumble by directing them to receive instruction from a woman. Consequently the next best source I can recommend is Jim Naughton at the Episcopal CafĂ©’s Lead; his report on the discussion here is nearly as good, although it does lack the hyperbolic adjectives, and his comments aren’t as tastefully soaked in spittle.

Of particular concern to me were his reports of the addresses made by the Rev. Delk of Southern Virginia, Michael Russell of San Diego, Deputy Clark of Newark, and young Deputy Halas of Chicago: with people of this intelligence, integrity, and all-round calibre in the Episcopalian Church, they and the others sharing their sentiments show Conservative Doctrinal Warriors like myself face an uphill battle when it comes to preserving the glorious bigotry which made our denomination so successfully turn its back on the kind of people with who Our Lord so unwisely associated.

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