Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day, eh?

Special greetings to all my Dearly Beloved Sinners north of the 49th Parallel, as well as those of you in places like Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa who may be geographically a few degrees south, but are as patriotically north of that cartographic divide as it's possible for a soul to get. Blessing to you all!

As a treat, I'm pleased to be able to inform you all that by way of a national birthday present the British Government has announced that they've relinquished all claim upon J. I. Packer, so you're now officially stuck with him in perpetuity.

Additionally, the people of Australia have said you can keep David Short for as long as you want - but when you've had enough of him they wonder if you could please not send him home, but perhaps instead arrange for him to be cast adrift on an ice floe?

What's more, the people of the U.S. would like you to know you're welcome to have as many ACNA bishops as you'd like, and if you take more than half they'll outlaw the telling of Canadian jokes and do their best to stop people mistaking you for Americans whenever you travel.

And lastly, Evangelical Eric is more than willing to accept Celine Dion in exchange for all of the above. Does a national birthday present get any better than that?

Je suis Père Christian et j'enseigne la Bible.


Anonymous said...

J'ignorais que Celine Dion soit un Bishop.Does qu'elle chantent dans l'église ? Est-elle la Canadienne eqiuvalent de Katharine Jefforts Schori ?

Doorman-Priest said...

Non. Elle est une chanteuse terrible qui once sang dans la Grand Prix de Chanson Eurovision pour La Suise.

Enough dit.

Grandmère Mimi said...

DP, LOL. Tu parle bien Franglais - mieux que moi.

Ah, but I'm off topic, and Fr Christian won't like that. Please! No harsh discipline, mon cher Père Christian.

Douglass said...

Ste. Céline, priez pour nous! Protégez-nous de Mess. Packer et Short.

Jane R said...

Hou la! On parle bien ici aujourd'hui! Père Christian, merci. DP (ou PP,prêtre-portier) tu es multi-lingue!?