Thursday, July 16, 2009

Little Kendall Harmon leaves me amazed.

If there’s one thing that can't be denied about little Canon Kendall Harmon it’s this: he's never said a single negative thing about the wicked apostate Episcopal Church.

Some folk do nothing moan and groan about each and every step the godless liberals take on their way to hell in a handbasket (Hasn’t it been a while since you heard that expression? My, but it brings back happy memories!). Little Canon Kendall, on the other hand, can always be relied upon to say something positive; something empowering and nice about his brothers and sisters in Christ. No matter how outlandish, or just plain just a pronouncement might come forth from Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori and the other leaders we've been mistakenly sent by God, the least explosive Canon in all Christendom is famous for responding with humility, compassion, and a balanced perspective.

That’s why I’ve been so stunned by little Canon Harmon’s outburst against D025. Who’d have thought that he of all people would object to a little thing like this? Especially given his long history of loving and supporting every other work of the Spirit in the Church to which he pledged his loyalty at Ordination.

Not that I’m not delighted to see him finally acknowledging the importance of rejecting those whom Jesus has called and declared beloved in the sight of God simply because they’re not prepared to lie about their sexuality. Nor have I the slightest objection to little Canon Kendall finally realizing that it’s far more important we grieve the Holy Spirit than risk grieving some big cheese in Canterbury and the bunch of high-muck-a-mucks in psychotically corrupt countries who hate him and want his job. It’s simply that 'K.C.' (as the Sunshine Band on the inner at Viagraville like to call him) was the last person I’d have expected to release a statement criticizing anything General Convention decides.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go. Consuella says it’s important I listen to her story about a boy who cried ‘wolf’. She says that when she’s finished I might like to email it to little Kendall.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.

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David |Dah • veed| said...

He just has his panties in a wad because there is no longer anything for him to do in TEC.

"We have reached the mid-point, and I want to give you some impressions. This is a remarkably different General Convention than any of the previous six I have attended as a Bishop. I would characterize all the previous Conventions as highly contentious. This one is not. We still have the same recurrent issues ahead of us, but the "conservative" wing is so greatly diminished that its voice is almost irrelevant.

I made that comment to one person who questioned whether I really meant it, "Irrelevant? Don't you mean "hated?" No, there is no sense of animosity here. The conservatives state their position(s) respectfully and they are treated with respect in return. It is just that they are so hugely outnumbered that it doesn't matter."

The Rt. Rev. John W. Howe
Episcopal Bishop of Central Florida

Kendall's bishop still jumps up during the House of Bishop's deliberations occasionally to spout his backward, Evangenital theology. One can hear the desperation in his voice as he tries beyond measure to feel relevant.

I wonder how soon before they go the way of the other Orthodites, as Lawrence not only breaks his vows as an Episcopal bishop, but his specific promise not to take SC out of TEC. But if Lawrence feels bored and irrelevant now, in TEC, what should he feel in ACNA as the newest among too many overpriced fish in a tiny pond.

And then how unhappy and irrelevant might feel his Canon Theologian, Little Kendall Harmon? With his panties in a wad that tight he will soon be blathering the talk of someone with toxic shock syndrome.