Friday, July 3, 2009

He's not deposed; he only smells that way.

A most Dearly Beloved Sinner has just brought a marvellous little blog to my attention, and believe me when I say that what I’ve found there has been more than enough to warm the nether regions of a mighty old Doctrinal Warrior like myself.

I must admit I was initially a bit concerned about the site, called “And Now For Something Completely Different”, since the little Gafconeer responsible keeps talking about something called “Monty’s python”, which obviously seemed some kind of code for an unhealthy obsession with a small part of his Bishop’s anatomy - and when you realise his “Bishop” is none other than little layman Schofield you’ll understand my unease.

Consequently I was indeed relieved when Brother Richthofen and his friends from Seminary explained that the blogger, who is also the happy-clappy Rector of a congregation occupying property stolen from the Diocese of San Joaquin, is actually only obsessed with a group of English comedians. Which explains why Fr. Riebe (as his colonic-irrigator and parishioners address him) takes such pride in posting this clip of someone called Mr. Creosote being interviewed by an earnest young Biblicist: those unfamiliar with Mr. Creosote may also wish to view an earlier appearance here.

Yet not only is Fr. Riebe a fan of British comedy, he’s also been trying to produce a little humour of his own. In a truly hilarious piece entitled In Response to Being Deposed the merry-making Gafconeer claims “the rest of the bishops of the Anglican Communion” regard those who like him have now become Bishop Creosote’s ringwraiths as “STILL priests and clergy in good standing”. Sure: and 3 out of 4 people honestly can’t tell the difference between butter and margarine. Except the proportion of provinces recognizing little Bobby Duncan’s sect isn’t 3 out of 4, but closer to 1 in 5, but hey: since when has amateur stand-up been too concerned with details?

The best, however, comes a little further into the routine: “it is like the CEO of IBM trying to fire the executive staff at Xerox”. This would be so true if the Xerox employees had been previously employed by IBM, and thought themselves entitled to take the office building and contents when resigning to join Xerox. Which no doubt occurs all the time in Fr. Riebe’s over-heated reality – if not in the world everyone else lives in.

Indeed, I’m seriously considering adding this to my list of Gathered Brethren, and it’s a detail on a form letter from little Bobby which And Now etc. obsequiously reprints that really shows why: the letter is signed +Robert Pittsburgh, and not ++. Either little Bobby doesn’t really believe he’s a Primate, or Fr. Riebe can’t bring himself to extend the façade that far. And either way one of them is correct, even if medication could well be of help to both.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


David |Dah • veed| said...

But in all fairness Señoria Guerrero Bíblico, the OverLord of Lambeth is not so self consumed as to +++, +Cantur is deemed more than sufficient. Might Little Booby be preparing to be swept into higher office.

Rick+ said...

It is amazing how they keep up the fascade.

Lapinbizarre said...

Duncan, like the rest of them, refers to "Archbishop" Venables, even though the man's title is "presiding bishop". They're so conditioned by fear and hatred of TEC in general, and of KJS in particular, that the phrase "presiding bishop" elicits only intensely negative reactions. Democracy is such an un-Anglican concept! Seems they're unable to steel themselves to use the phrase it in a positive context. Like being poked with a cattle prod. Pathetic. Like everything else - they do what the hell they want, then claim God ordered them to do it.

Two Cents said...

I know butter from margarine AND my ass from a hole in the ground. I also know a pathetic dork when I see one. Living a life in denial can do very bad things to a person and rationalizations start to look like facts. What a bone-head.

susan s. said...

Another candidate for "Mummy don't make me look at him!" at MP's place

susan s. said...

Oh, and I'm not going there again. Don't want to up his stats.