Friday, July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin: a Nixon for our times.

I have never been a quitter” announced the man many Christian Conservatives quite rightfully believe to have been America’s greatest President. If only he'd not said it while in the process of quitting his words might have carried a bit more credibility, but then again, President Nixon also said a number of that my fellow Bible-believers prefer to not discuss, but at a time like this I can’t think of a more appropriate Republican to quote. That’s because news from north has just reached my ears that Governor Palin has not only decided to not seek re-election, but has tendered her resignation – effective as of 26 July – from the office which is rightfully hers.

Now the cynics among us might suggest that she’s only doing this because of the fact not having candle’s chance in an Anchorage blizzard of winning next time around, it makes more sense to desert her sinking ship while there’s still time to start pestering party officials in the lower 48 to give her a chance to deliver Obama an even bigger majority in 2012.

Yet I believe the real reason is that she’s finally seen the light as taught by this delightful woman, who happens to be the spouse of Pastor Brokenbrow (thank you Alice Grumbacher) – the Baptist pastor whose hobby involves making a nuisance of himself at DHS checkpoints. Words fail me when it comes to describing Mrs. Brokenbow’s logic (is it just me, or does the way that elsewhere on her site she frequently refers to her husband not as “Steven”, but as “Pastor Anderson” also strike you as not so much ‘faithful’ and ‘endearing’ as ‘creepy’?) – read her take on Palin’s involvement in politics for yourself. That way nobody will accuse me of making things up.

Either way, in quitting Sarah Palin has shown the spirit of a true Bible-believing Conservative: while faithfully spouting ideo-babble she’s made a huge mess which she’s now leaving for somebody else to clean up. Whether it’s Vietnam, Iraq, or Alaskan mismanagement – you can always rely on a religious conservative to create enough work to keep idle liberal hands busy fixing things afterwards.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.

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