Saturday, July 25, 2009

Surprise Ruling – Theft Wrong!

Just to hand is the startling decision of the Superior court of California concerning the question of who owns the property and assets of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin. Contrary to all expectations it's been determined these don't belong to a former prelate’s sect (now a subset of a newer sect), but actually belong to the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin!

Naturally little layman Schofield, his minders (Hello Billy Gandenberger: my spies have told me your lawyers like to keep an eye on things here, and I’d hate them to feel I’m not thinking of you at a time like this), his acolytes, along with every other faithful Gafconeer, are in deep shock over this astonishing outcome. Even God knows that “Thou shalt not steal” doesn’t apply to Reasserters, and that the Judge could have failed to see that the Doctrinally Superior are entitled to do whatever they want is simply further proof of the gross moral decline of the United States under President Obama and the Bishop of New Hampshire.

Even worse, the Court has ruled that the Episcopal Church is indeed hierarchical in structure, that Bishops who leave do not continue to hold title over diocesan property, and that changing diocesan canons and constitutions doesn’t magically make overarching Episcopal rules disappear. What’s next? That the world doesn’t end if women become Bishops? Is there no end to these ecclesiastic novelties?

At present the only places offering information on this staggering development are the real dioceses of San Joaquin and Fort Worth, as well as the Episcopal Café Lead. Little David Virtue is currently still heading with a shrill “ Third Great Wave of Departures from The Episcopal Church Begins” (who says drama queens must be gay?), while Viagraville is excitedly announcing a new policy concerning the banning of their readers (no warnings) and asking Is Obama More Catholic Than The Pope? (so far only one commenter out of fifteen addresses the question, deciding ‘no’ because he or she believes the President is Episcopalian. Which probably is less Catholic that living in the Vatican and zipping around in a popemobile, although subtle details like that are undoubtedly lost on the average Viagravillain – as is the fact that General Convention is over, D025 hasn’t forced anyone to change their sexuality, and little Bobby’s sect is now looking more starved of assets than ever.

Still; why face reality when you can keep whining about fiction? Tilting at windmills worked fine for Don Quixote.

I’m Father Christian and I teach the Bible.


Pete said...

"What’s next? That the world doesn’t end if women become Bishops?"

I was quite disappointed last month while sitting in the pews in Hanford, California observing Deacon Suzanne Ward being the first woman to be ordained in our Diocese of San Joaquin, and the bolt of lightning promised by Mr. Schofield did not strike the church sending all present to eternal damnation in flames.

Anonymous said...

Poof (not in the English sense), I suddenly returned from points beyond...blessed are the Farmers of Wisconsin, Washington and Indiana/Oregon.

I visited a nest of active codependent/alcoholic (they´ll never find me here) foolery and it nearly ruined my visito...but, alas, remembering (being bluntly reminded would serve best) of my once active alcoholism I noted the serve progression of the ¨disease¨...I think not-so-little David Schofield is amongst the bruised and battered (certainly in the emotional statbility departmento)...what next? He best align himself with someone more spiritually talented than the silver liner of linings from Argentina and get HELP! Imagine, all the destruction this man had done in the name of a God who rejects HIM and HATES (is all forgiven?)...on with the great mysteries of emotional afflictions run riot...DAVID, get help!!!

Onward, it´s never too late to step back from the insanity and I suggest the regrouped Diocese of San Joaquin start SPIRITUAL ABUSE treatment workshops/, Fr. Cristian Troll would be the perfect healer in this atmosphere.

TEC/San Jaoquin, needs YOU! (not kidding)

Frosty Thugworthy

Grandmère Mimi said...

Fr Christian, is it true that Little
David Virtue is The Voice for Global Orthodox Anglicanism? I thought that you were the Supreme Voice for Global Orthodox Anglicism. I'm confused.

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

My dear Grandmère: I first raised this matter with with little David Virtue over a year ago so it's naturally too early for him to have repented. After all, nineteen hundred years back St.Paul said we're no longer living under the law, but rather by grace, and that still hasn't sunk in, while Jesus spoke about loving one's neighbors even earlier,and neither of these have penetrated little David's understanding.

Consequently it's safe to assume there'll be some time before little David realizes his true status as Global Orthodoxy's less significant blogger - our Chicken Little you might say.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Fr Christian, I'm so sorry. I must have forgotten about your post, which I realize is a nearly unforgivable offense. I plead the depredations of age on my memory, hoping that you will take that into consideration as you ponder my fate. I promise never to commit such an offense again. In other words, I have a firm purpose of amendment which I put in place quickly, unlike Little David.

You're quite lenient with him, as one year seems quite enough time to repent. Ah, but we all know what a good and generous man you are.

david virtue's bountiful bosom said...

Schism is probably a lot less fun when it involves setting up church in a strip mall, right between a pawn shop and a discount tobacco outlet.

Dennis said...

Pity for Mr. Schofield. After everyone at the conference in Bedford, Texas had been so nice to him. It was only because they trusted his claim that he was bringing bank accounts and buildings to the table. And then he goes and lets them down like this. They accepted him in their club because of his promises which he couldn't keep. As if they need yet another bishop without any buildings or bank accounts.

I can only imagine how much Mr. Robert Duncan sulked at this personal betrayal at the hands of Mr. Schofield.

Fr. Christian, can you offer any words of advice and compassion to guide Mr. Duncan as he deals with being let down by his friend in such a way?

Lapinbizarre said...

Meanwhile Nazi-Rali mouths off again. And the Moonie News, which employed C Sugden's daughter last year - ever noticed how flexible these people's principles can be when it suits them? - provides him with a platform.

Doorman-Priest said...

Never let a little thing like factual innacuracy get in the way of a good whine.

Mona Lott said...

Following your Virtue links, I was led to one more of those "names one cannot make up" - Gary L'Hommedieu. Virtue and Hommedieu? Maybe they are making it up. Canon L'Hommedieu looks decidedly more youthful (hair and such) in the scan at Virtue's site than he does in the image on his diocesan web page - though it must be said that in both he looks totally, utterly "Seventies".

Lapinbizarre said...

Off topic, but not without interest. Would anyone hazard a guess as to the area of the human body on which the linked image of the high camp painting "Forgiven" is tattooed?

Thanks to Fr Heron for drawing my attention to the original painting earlier today.

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

Mona: Yes I've long been intrigued by the little man-god. My personal fantasy is that he was a member of The Village People before they made it big: there's just something about that face in either picture that suggests he's a fellow who spent some serious time working the steam scene back in the day.

Lapinbizarre: I'm unsure of where that fine piece of art is (calf perhaps?) but there's no doubt that the tattooist responsible knew a thing or two about driving in a big nail.

Lapinbizarre said...

Believe you're right Fr Christian. I was so afraid it was a thigh. Too inappropriate! Re your reply to Mona - there is an air about the man, isn't there?

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

You're quite right, my son. As I've noted here before the reality of little Greg's ministry is three expats and a llama, but it's obligatory for all orthodox commentators to speak as if he'd single-handedly converted the entire continent. As you doubtless already know, reality isn't deemed too important on the conservative side of the churched.

I'd never contemplated Sarah Hey taking anything like a man. Now that you've raised the subject however, I can't deny you've got me wondering. Do you think she'd appreciate if I sent her a picture of myself dressed as Leonidas?

Lapinbizarre said...

We had an opportunity to see Sarah in person when she reported from GC a couple of weeks ago. Judge for yourself as to sending your photograph as Leonidas.

We're on the wrong thread, I believe.

Lapinbizarre said...

Re Canon L'Hommedieu's cathedral home page (right thread for this one), I was interested to read Dean Anthony P. Clark's statement that “The City of Orlando possesses a vast foundation and network of Christian business men and women willing to assist us in developing marketplace ministries and outreach ministries to the glory of God and the spread of His reign throughout the Greater Orlando area.”

Seems that the "We rule you; we fool you" principle is alive and well in Orlando.

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

You can't fool me; that's not Sarah Hey! It's Dobby Ould in drag, and without his glasses - but with very sensible make-up.

Either way, it (a) explains a lot about the thing she has for Spartans; (b)is probably just as well I jumped to the wrong thread since she's less likely to find me here and demand one of my pictures, which (c) I'll continue saving for my next trip to Walsingham (although Hostilium can still have one any time wants).

Dean Anthony P. Clark certainly gives the impression there's significant hoplite population in Orlando, and therefore Canon L'Hommedieu probably does have an impressive collection of Spartan pictures. Surely he'd appreciate one of me to make the set complete.